‘Highest temperature on Earth’ as Death Valley , US hits 54.4C

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What might be the very best temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth – 130F (54.4C) – may are reached in Death Valley park , California.

The recording is being verified by the US National Weather Service.

It comes amid a heatwave on the US’s West Coast , where temperatures are forecast to rise further in the week .

The scorching conditions have led to 2 days of blackouts in California, after an influence plant malfunctioned on Saturday.

What were the previous records?
Sunday’s reading was recorded in Furnace Creek in Death Valley .

Before this, the very best temperature reliably recorded on Earth was 129.2F (54C) – also in Death Valley in 2013.

A higher reading of 134F, or 56.6C a century earlier, also in Death Valley , is disputed. it’s believed by some modern weather experts to possess been erroneous, along side several other searing temperatures recorded that summer.

According to a 2016 analysis from weather historian Christopher Burt, other temperatures within the region recorded in 1913 don’t corroborate the Death Valley reading.

Another record temperature for the earth – 131F, or 55C – was recorded in Tunisia in 1931, but Mr Burt said this reading, also as others recorded in Africa during the colonial era, had “serious credibility issues”.

What about the heatwave?
The current heatwave stretches from Arizona within the south-west, up the coast to Washington state within the north-west.

It is expected to hit its peak on Monday and Tuesday, before temperatures start to drop later within the week. However, the sweltering heat will continue for a minimum of another 10 days.

As temperatures soared in California, an outsized “firenado” was observed on Saturday in Lassen County.

California’s Independent System Operator (CISO), which manages the state’s power, has declared a Stage 3 Emergency, meaning “when demand [for electricity] begins to outpace supply”.

Because such a lot of the region’s power relies on solar and wind energy, and since people use their electricity for air con , during heatwaves the facility grid becomes strained and is in danger of completely malfunctioning.

In order to manage the state’s demand for power and stop an entire shutdown, officials are using scheduled rolling blackouts to regulate and conserve energy.

What are the consequences of utmost heat?
Officials define extreme heat as a period of two to 3 days of high heat and humidity, with temperatures above 90F (32C).

US public health body the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says heatwaves have killed more people on the average than the other extreme weather event within the country.

The immediate effects of heatwaves on the physical body are heat cramps, dehydration and even potentially fatal heat strokes.

However, extreme heat also can exacerbate pre-existing health conditions, including respiratory diseases, heart conditions and kidney disorders, the planet Health Organization (WHO) says.

It can affect infrastructure, too. also as straining power grids and causing blackouts, extreme heat can ground planes, melt roads, and cause the within of cars to overheat to dangerous levels.

Heatwaves also can have a severe impact on agriculture – either by causing vegetables to wilt and die, or by encouraging the spread of plant diseases.

Source: bbc news


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