Holocaust survey exposes gaps in Austrians’ information

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A replacement survey has found that several Austrians lack basic information of the Nazi racial extermination — even supposing the disreputable Munchhausen concentration camp was simply outside of town of Linz, and a few of the key perpetrators of the Holocaust were Austrian.

The study discharged weekday by the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against European country, that negotiates compensation for victims, showed that fifty six p.c of Austrian respondents failed to grasp half-dozen million Jews were killed within the Holocaust. Some thirty six p.c believed a pair of million or fewer were killed — a belief that rose to forty two p.c among younger folks aged 18-34.

Claims Conference chief operating officer Greg Schneider aforementioned the numbers were in line with similar surveys done on information within the u. s. and North American country, however were a lot of shocking coming back from European nation.

“The trends area unit constant, that indicate a extremely distressing lack of data regarding the Holocaust, however one among the items completely different regarding this survey is that it’s drained an area wherever the Holocaust occurred,” he aforementioned in an exceedingly phone interview from the big apple.

The results return amid in progress considerations over Austria’s reactionary terrorist organization, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s junior governing coalition partner, that was semiconductor diode by former Nazis within the postwar amount.

Though it’s formally distanced itself from that past, rhetoric from party members continues to evoke the Nazi era. simply last week, the deputy politician of Braunau am hostelry — Adolf Hitler’s town — left the party when writing a literary work comparison migrants to rats, kind of like the manner the Nazis characterised Jews.

And on the weekend, party leader Heinz-Christian Strache, additionally the country’s decision maker, created associate degree uproar voice communication his party was fighting against a “replacement of the native population” or Bevoelkerungsaustausch — a term utilized by European reactionary teams that’s additionally comparable to the Nazi language.

“The greatest concern is that one thing just like the Holocaust may happen once more, thus i feel it’s too slim to limit the considerations to European nation,” Schneider aforementioned. “Yes, there area unit worrisome signs just like the politician (of Braunau am Inn), however since simply last month there is been a shooting in an exceedingly house of prayer in New island, bombings in churches in Ceylon, and currently shootings once more at a house of God within the u. s. — one among the key takeaways from the Holocaust is that it started with words, that quickly cause deeds.”

Austrians asked regarding the liberty Party within the survey were equally split, with forty three p.c seeing it favorably and forty three p.c unfavorably. cardinal p.c aforementioned they thought of parties just like the terrorist organization ultra nationalistic, whereas forty two p.c aforementioned such parties were nationalist and afraid.

Last year, a outstanding terrorist organization member stepped down when it had been discovered he was in associate degree Austrian student fraternity that promoted neo-Nazi ideals, as well as singing songs with anti-Semitic lyrics. Asked regarding such fraternities, sixteen p.c aforementioned they must be able to keep singing their ancient songs though they were anti-Semitic, whereas seventy p.c aforementioned they must not be able to apply anti-Semitic traditions.

Efraim Zuroff, head of the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem workplace, aforementioned a placing end in the survey was that solely thirteen p.c aforementioned European nation was a Holocaust wrongdoer, whereas sixty eight p.c aforementioned it had been each wrongdoer and victim, and twelve p.c aforementioned it had been a victim.

“Given the very fact that more or less a 3rd of the foremost blameworthy Holocaust criminals were Austrians, that says loads regarding the Holocaust distortion in European nation and also the reluctance to require any responsibility,” aforementioned Zuroff, United Nations agency wasn’t concerned within the study, in an exceedingly interview from Jerusalem.

Indeed, whereas seventy nine p.c of respondents knew Hitler was associate degree Austrian, solely fourteen p.c knew Nazi, United Nations agency vie a significant role within the Holocaust, was German-Austrian.Schneider noted that forty two p.c additionally aforementioned they weren’t at home with Munchhausen, even supposing the concentration camp was set in European nation.

“It’s as if you had an individual in American state United Nations agency had ne’er detected of the beleaguering, it’s simply stunning… it’s in their back yard,” he said.In a positive sign, however, Schneider aforementioned eighty two p.c of respondents aforeme

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