Hong Kong imposes limits amid coronavirus surge: Live updates

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Several banks in Hong Kong closed branches or curtailed their working hours on Monday after a spike within the number of latest coronavirus cases over the weekend, with 100 infections reported in 24 hours – the foremost since the pandemic began in January.

US President Donald Trump has insisted that the coronavirus are going to be brought “under control” whilst the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a minimum of 67,574 new cases and a minimum of 877 more deaths within the country.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ventured out of his official residence, Alvorada Palace, on Sunday to talk and greet his supporters whilst he recovers from COVID-19.

Italy’s Lazio region, which incorporates Rome, is warning citizens that local lockdowns may need to be ordered if there are more clusters of coronavirus infections.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus round the world has surpassed 605,000, with the US the worst-affected country. There are quite 14.4 million confirmed cases, consistent with data from Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the newest updates.

Monday, July 20
08:01 GMT – Russia reports almost 6,000 new infections
Russia reported 5,940 new cases, pushing its total infection tally to 777,486, the fourth largest within the world.

In a daily readout, officials said 85 people had died within the last 24 hours, bringing the official price to 12,427.

07:43 GMT – Synairgen’s drug shows reduced risk of severe disease in COVID-19 patients
Synairgen Plc said its drug helped reduce the danger of developing severe diseases in hospitalised COVID-19 patients, consistent with data from an attempt of quite 100 people within the uk .

The trial, which used interferon beta, showed that patients who got Synairgen’s formulation had a 79 percent lower risk of developing severe disease compared to placebo.

Patients who received the drug, SNG001, were quite twice as likely to get over COVID-19 as those on placebo, the corporate said.

07:21 GMT – 14 died from likely COVID-19 complications in Egyptian prisons: HRW

At least 14 prisoners have died from likely COVID-19 complications in scantly-monitored outbreaks of the disease at Egyptian detention centres, Human Rights Watch.

“At least 14 prisoners and detainees have died, presumably from Covid-19 complications, in 10 detention facilities as of July 15,” the rights groups said during a statement.

HRW based its report on witness accounts, leaked letters from prisons and reports by local rights groups.

“Prisons had insufficient medical aid and virtually no access to testing for the virus or symptom screening,” it said.

HRW noted that Egypt had released some 13,000 prisoners since February, but this was “insufficient to ease overcrowding in congested prisons and jails”.

07:05 GMT – India reports 40,000 new cases, a record daily surge in infections
India reported 40,425 new cases of the coronavirus, a record high for the country. The new infections raised the country’s total number of cases to 1,118,043, including 27,497 deaths.

The ministry said late Sunday that India’s coronavirus deathrate – currently at 2.49 percent – is “progressively falling” thanks to an efficient containment strategy and aggressive testing.

A country of 1.4 billion people, India has been conducting nearly 10,000 tests per million people. quite 300,000 samples are being tested a day now, compared to only a couple of hundred in March, consistent with the Indian Council of Medical Research, India’s top medical research body.

With a surge in infections within the past few weeks, local governments in India are ordering focused lockdowns in high-risk areas.

07:01 GMT – Number of active cases in Pakistan still drop
Active cases of the coronavirus still drop by Pakistan, where the govt says it’s testing fewer and fewer people because there has been a drop by the amount of patients seeking treatment for COVID-19.

On Sunday, a minimum of 1,587 new cases of the virus were registered, taking the country’s overall tally to 265,083 since its outbreak began in late February. Active cases, however, fell by 97, because the case increase was offset by recoveries. Active cases are now at 53,465, their lowest level since Jefferson Davis’ Birthday .

At least 31 deaths took the price to five ,689 on Sunday, the info showed.

05:02 GMT – Malaysian PM to offer update on COVID-19 situation
Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is predicted to deal with the state on Monday at 08:00 GMT to offer an update on the country’s coronavirus situation, consistent with one among his ministers.

On Sunday, the country reported 15 new cases including four from abroad, and one death.

Source: aljazeera

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