India coronavirus cases surpass 500,000

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India has more than 500,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with a record daily leap of 18,500 new infections. Sixteen NBA players in the US have tested positive for the new coronavirus in the first wave of mandatory tests as the league restart approaches.

United States Vice President Mike Pence has said that 16 states across the nation are seeing an increase in cases of the novel coronavirus. More than 9.7 million people around the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while some 4.9 million have recovered, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 493,000 people have died.

Here are the newest updates:

Saturday, June 27
08:05 GMT – the UK to ease quarantine restrictions for travelers
Britain will scrap a 14-day quarantine period for people coming back from countries it deems to be lower risk for COVID-19, and official advice against about essential travel abroad also will be eased for a few countries and regions, the govt said on Friday.

The changes will make it easier for Britons to travel abroad for the summer holidays.

07:25 GMT – Zimbabweans find ways to possess fun under a lockdown
As the coronavirus lockdown continues in Zimbabwe, a scarcity of entertainment has forced people on each side of the category divide to show new ways of passing the time.

In the poor suburb of Mbare in Harare, street vendors sell music CDs and DVDs, and other people gather to observe television.

Schoolchildren, who are unable to attend classes thanks to the lockdown, gather to play pool or cards within the street to stay entertained.

06:45 GMT – Czech coronavirus cases rise even as holidays start
The Czech Republic recorded 168 new cases of the coronavirus on Friday, authorities said, the very best daily rise in cases since early April even as the country is starting the two-month summer season.

It was also the fourth day of the last 10 showing a daily increase of quite 100. Over the past week, the eastern region of Karvina has been far and away from the foremost suffering from the increase in cases, consistent with the Health Ministry website.

06:15 GMT – Australia’s Victoria struggles to contain coronavirus
The Australia’s state of Victoria recorded 41 new confirmed cases of coronavirus on Saturday, double the daily rate seen every week ago, struggling to realize control over the pandemic while the remainder of the country continues easing social distancing restrictions.

Victoria, the country’s second-most-populated state, has now seen 11 straight days of integer new cases, most linked to known outbreaks in Melbourne’s suburbs, health officials said. Victoria has 204 of Australia’s total of about 270 active cases.

“We are very concerned,” deputy chief health officer of Victoria, Annaliese van Diemen, said at a news conference.

05:50 GMT – India cases surge past 500,000
India’s confirmed coronavirus cases crossed half 1,000,000 on Saturday with another record 24-hour jump of 18,552 infections.

The Health Ministry also reported 384 new deaths, raising the total to 15,685.

The surge prompted authorities within the northeastern state of Assam to impose a two-week lockdown within the capital of Gauhati. About 700 new cases were reported there in only four days.

05:15 GMT – Microsoft to permanently close all retail stores
Microsoft said it’ll close all of its stores and move its retail operations online, keeping just four locations, including in NY, London, and Sydney, and reworking them into “experience centers”.

The move means the quite 80 Microsoft stores closed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic won’t reopen because the tech giant enters “a new approach to retail”, consistent with a press release.

04:52 GMT – China, South Korea report new cases in double digits
China and South Korea reported an uptick in new coronavirus cases, with Beijing recording 21 cases and Seoul logging 51 additional infections.

The figures bring China’s case-load to 83,438. Some 17 of the 21 cases were confirmed within the Chinese capital, where authorities say they need to bring an epidemic linked to a wholesale foodstuff in check.

In South Korea, 35 of the new cases came from the densely populated Seoul area, which has been at the centre of a COVID-19 resurgence since late May. The country’s total caseload now stands at 12,653, including 282 deaths.

Source: aljazeera


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