India observes janata curfew as cases rise to 324 within the country

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India launched a 14-hour long curfew on Sunday to limit the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic within the country, where 315 people are found to possess contracted the disease thus far .

The prime minister, Narendra Modi, in an address to the state last week urged citizens to remain indoors from 7am to 9pm Delhi time – a move that he said would be an important test for a rustic to assess its abilities to fight the pandemic.

“Let us all be a neighborhood of this curfew, which can add tremendous strength to the fight against the Covid-19 menace,” Modi tweeted minutes before the curfew commenced. “The steps we take now will help within the times to return ,’ he said within the tweet.

“There is not any cure for this, so we’d like to stay healthy. we’d like to avoid crowds and stay home. Social distancing is critical. If you think that you’ll roam around as was common and feel you’ll not be in danger , this is often incorrect; you’re endangering yourself and your family,” PM Modi said in his 29-minute address to the state .

Meanwhile, China reported a replacement domestic case of the virus for the primary time in four days. The case is one among 46 new confirmed diagnoses in China , which is that the fourth straight day of a rise .

A record 14 were within the financial hub of Shanghai, and 13 were reported within the capital Beijing, a decline from 21 the previous day. As in other Asian nations which had seemed to get their outbreaks in check , China is now scared of a second wave brought in by people coming into the country.

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