India overtakes China in coronavirus infections: Live updates

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Brazil posted another daily record for coronavirus cases as Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned after less than a month on the job.

India’s confirmed number of infections overtook that of China’s tally despite a strict nationwide lockdown.

The us House approved a $3 trillion relief bill, but it’s no chance of passing the Republican-controlled Senate.

Globally, quite 4.5 million people are infected and quite 306,000 have died from COVID-19, consistent with Johns Hopkins University. About 1.6 million people have recovered.

Here are all the newest updates:
Saturday, May 16
05:36 GMT – Vigilance urged as Australia eases lockdown
The president of the Australian Medical Association urged people to stay vigilant as Australia began relaxing a two-month lockdown with restaurants, cafes and bars re-opening in most parts of the country.

“If we do the incorrect things, we risk undoing all the gains that we’ve made,” Tony Bartone said. “So, the message is, yes, appreciate all the efforts, appreciate the chance to release a number of those measures, but let’s not have a celebration , let’s not attend town.”

New South Wales and Queensland states eased restrictions this weekend but Victoria, which remains struggling to curb the virus’s spread, retained most of its lockdown measures.

Australia has recorded just over 7,000 cases and 98 deaths.

05:18 GMT – Italy to lift travel restrictions
The Italian government is easing travel restrictions imposed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing people to maneuver freely inside the region where they live as of Monday, and between regions starting Jefferson Davis’ Birthday .

The government decree also permits international visit and from Italy from Jefferson Davis’ Birthday .

Social distancing rules are being implemented within the sectors of the economy that have reopened, including factories and a few businesses. Schools remain closed and crowds aren’t permitted, though people are going to be allowed to attend Mass in churches with some restrictions starting next week.

04:43 GMT – India surpasses China in coronavirus cases
India’s coronavirus cases surpassed China’s with the health ministry reporting 85,940 infections and a couple of ,752 deaths.

In total, China has reported 82,933 cases and 4,633 deaths.

The worst hit Indian states are Maharashtra with 29,100 cases, Tamil Nadu 10,108, Gujarat 9,931 and New Delhi 8,895.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is thanks to announce this weekend a choice whether to increase the country’s 54-day-old lockdown.

04:31 GMT – South Korea hopeful of containing nightclub cluster
South Korean officials confirmed 162 coronavirus cases linked to club goers within the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, but also expressed cautious hope that infections are starting to wane.

Authorities have thus far tested 46,000 people after doctors detected a slew of infections linked to clubs and other nightspots in Seoul’s Itaewon entertainment district.

“Despite massive testing, there seems to be no trend of the rapid virus spread tied to the Itaewon outbreak,” said Yoon Tae-ho, a senior health ministry official. “If we pass this weekend well, we expect the Itaewon-linked spread to return under the control of quarantine authorities.”

South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 19 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday. Nine were linked to Itaewon and therefore the rest involved passengers coming back from abroad.

03:23 GMT – Trump to revive partial funding to WHO, says Fox News
US President Donald Trump’s administration is about to revive partial funding to the planet Health Organization, Fox News reports, citing a draft letter.

The Trump administration will “agree to ante up to what China pays in assessed contributions” to the WHO, Fox News says, quoting from the letter.

Trump suspended US contributions to the WHO on Pan American Day , accusing it of promoting China’s “disinformation” about the coronavirus outbreak. The agency denies the claim.

The US was the WHO’s biggest donor. If the US matches China’s contribution, because the Fox report adds, its new funding level are going to be about one-tenth of its previous funding amount of about $400m per annum .

02:49 GMT – Virus spreading to Brazil’s indigenous territories at ‘frightening speed’
A Brazilian rights group says the coronavirus has hit 38 indigenous groups within the country and is spreading to indigenous territories “with frightening speed”.

A survey by the Brazilian Indigenous Peoples’ Association (APIB) finds 446 cases of the new coronavirus and 92 deaths among the affected groups, mainly within the Brazilian Amazon.

The grim news came each day after the indigenous community of Parque das Tribos, outside the northern city of Manaus, held a funeral for its chief, Messias Kokama, who died of COVID-19.

Source: aljazeera

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