India threatens to launch missile attacks on Kashmir issue

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Pakistan’s Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan Minister Ali Amin Gandapur has said that if a country supports India in the Kashmir issue, Pakistan will blow it up with a missile and the country will be considered “enemy” of Islamabad. Ali Amin was born in the debate on Tuesday.

Ali Amin said, “If tensions with India over Kashmir increase, Pakistan will be forced to fight. Regarding Kashmir, the countries that support India instead of Pakistan will be considered our enemy. Missiles will be fired on India and the countries that support India. ‘

Pakistani-based journalist Naila Inayat tweeted a portion of the video to show the minister making controversial comments. Pakistan seeks world leaders for assistance in Kashmir. Islamabad has unilaterally reduced bilateral relations since the Indian government decided to abolish Article 5 of the constitution that gave special powers to Jammu and Kashmir.

India claims that the decision in Kashmir is their internal matter. They supported the SAARC countries and several countries including the Arab world. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan delivered the first address at the UN General Assembly in New York in September. He dedicated the 5-minute speech to Kashmir. At this time, he also spoke against India. In that statement, he said the nuclear war with India could have dire consequences for the world.

Imran Khan says anything can happen if the war between the two countries starts. The world will see what a country seven times smaller than a neighboring country can do. Pakistan will either surrender or fight for Kashmir’s independence. “I believe we will fight,” he said. And when two countries with nuclear weapons fight hard, the consequences will be beyond the borders of the country. I warn you. This is not a threat, we are worried about the consequences. If something happens, we have to be prepared for something horrible, even when we expect something good. ‘

Prime Minister Imran admits that Pakistan has failed in its attempt to raise the Kashmir issue internationally. He expressed frustration at the role of the world community on the issue.

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