India’s parliament overthrows Maharashtra

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Maharashtra’s fate will be decided tomorrow. A bench of Justices NV Ramanna, Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Sanjeev Khanna told the bench that the verdict would be decided at 10:30 am tomorrow.

Today, at 12 noon, when the Supreme Court is hearing this after an hour and a half hearing, the country’s parliament is up. The sessions of both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are similar to those who joined the Congress and other opposition parties. Rahul Gandhi, standing in the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha, said, “Honorable Speaker, I have come to ask questions but there is no mind to ask any questions. Democracy has been murdered in Maharashtra. It makes no sense to ask. ‘

Members of Congress came down in the Lok Sabha well. Anti-government slogan carrying placard in hand. The speaker has to call the marshal. Congress members led by Sonia Gandhi then left the House. The Rajya Sabha is postponed till noon. The Congress members then staged a protest in front of the Gandhi statue on the premises of Parliament House. The Congress is headed by the president himself. The session was adjourned till two o’clock in the afternoon as the two parties were still not calm.

The Supreme Court on Sunday said that two letters should be submitted at 10:30 am this morning. A letter to Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari written in the letter to Devendra Fadnavisch, BJP leader, demanding that he form a government. The other was written by the governor calling for him to form a government.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta submitted the letter to the Supreme Court on Monday. He also submitted a third letter, written by NCP leader Ajit Power, in which the Fadnavis government was called for support. The letter contains the signature of the NCP MLA. A letter from Fadnavis said they had the support of the six legislators.

In return, the Shiv Sena, the NCP, and the Congress claimed that they had the support of 12 people. Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Sanu Singhvira also took affidavits from the MLAs in support of their demands. For the central government, it is said that the decision taken by the governor is based on a letter of support. So he did nothing undemocratic. Kapil Sibal, on the other hand, said that everything was done in a hurry in the utmost secrecy. Immediately the new government should be instructed to take a confidence vote.

All eyes are now focused on the Supreme Court. Tomorrow morning, the Supreme Court will hear his verdict. In such a situation, on 25, the Supreme Court had directed BJP Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa to take a confidence vote within 24 hours. Yeddyurappa resigned before the vote was taken. This time, both the BJP and the opposition camps in Maharashtra demand that they have the support they need to form a government.

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