Iran coronavirus price passes 20,000 – Live updates

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Australia signed a deal to secure a COVID vaccine being developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca should it pass clinical trials. PM Scott Morrison says vaccines should be compulsory for all 25 million Australians.

South Korea has reported the very best daily number of cases since March, many linked to churches within the capital.

More than 22 million people are diagnosed with COVID-19 around the world now, some 14 million people have recovered, and quite 779,000 have died, consistent with Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the newest updates:

Wednesday, August 19
10:19 GMT – Iran coronavirus price passes 20,000
Iran surpassed 20,000 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus on Wednesday, the health ministry said – the very best price for any Middle East country thus far within the pandemic.

The announcement came because the Islamic Republic, which has been battling both the region’s largest outbreak and therefore the highest number of fatalities, went ahead with university entrance exams for over 1 million students.

Iran is additionally preparing for mass Shia commemorations later this month.

Iran suffered the region’s first major outbreak, seeing top politicians, health officials, and non secular leaders stricken with the virus.

09:15 GMT – Singapore says migrant dorms freed from coronavirus after the outbreak

A network of crowded dormitories where coronavirus transmissions flourished among migrant workers has been declared virus-free by Singaporean authorities.

Eighty-six percent of the migrant workers living within the affected dormitories are cleared to return to figure, the ministry said, though it warned that tiny outbreaks remain likely.

Around 300,000 male migrant workers sleep in crowded dormitories, facilitating easy transmission of the highly-contagious coronavirus.

08:50 GMT – Musician with albinism says coronavirus raises the risk of attack
The coronavirus pandemic has left people with albinism in fear of attack and murder in parts of Africa where their body parts are used for lucky charms, a Zambian musician with the condition has said.

John Chiti, 35, said there had already been one murder in Zambia since the virus emerged and therefore the grave of an individual with albinism had been dug up and body parts were stolen.

Another man was reportedly attacked within the capital Lusaka last week.

In West Africa, Chiti said people with albinism had also been blamed for COVID-19.

Albinism – a scarcity of pigmentation within the skin, hair, and eyes – affects up to at least one in 15,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa, consistent with the United Nations.

07:32 GMT – Finland imposes ‘Europe’s tightest’ border restrictions
Finland has removed most EU countries from its “green travel list”, with only arrivals from a couple of states now ready to enter the country without restrictions, the govt announced.

The tougher rules, aimed toward halting the spread of the coronavirus, mean that only people coming from Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, and Lithuania will now be allowed into Finland without proving they need a legitimate reason for travel and self-isolating for 2 weeks. Arrivals from a variety of non-EU countries including Georgia, Rwanda, and South Korea still be freely permitted under the measures which can inherit force next Monday.

Since June, the govt has said it’ll allow arrivals from countries with fewer than eight new coronavirus cases per 100,000 population within the last fortnight, although ministers have now made exceptions for countries with under 10 cases.

06:22 GMT – UK expands COVID-19 national testing study
The British government said it might expand its COVID-19 national testing study, with the aim of reaching 400,000 people to supply weekly data on the spread of the infection and better locate future local outbreaks.

The Department of Health and Social Care said during a statement that it might initially test 150,000 people in England per fortnight by October, up from 28,000 people now, getting to eventually reach 400,000 across the UK.

The testing survey, undertaken by the Office for National Statistics, would even be extended to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

04:40 GMT – China and the US to double flights between the 2 countries
After curbing travel between the 2 countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, China and therefore us are starting to ease restrictions.

The US Department of Transportation says it’ll allow the four Chinese passenger airlines currently flying to the US to double flights to eight weekly round-trips, as China agrees to permit US carriers to double their flights to China.

US carriers voluntarily halted flights to China after the coronavirus outbreak. President Donald Trump, on January 31, barred nearly all non-US citizens from traveling to the US from China.

Source: aljazeera

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