Iran plans to attack four embassies: Trump

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Iran plans to attack four US embassies US President Donal Trump claims He also claimed that the murder of Qasim Solaimani had been the focus of the Iranian plan. Meanwhile, the United States imposed new sanctions on Iran’s construction materials, manufactured goods and minerals.

Iranian national hero Kashem Solaimani was killed in a US drone strike near Baghdad International Airport in Iraq on January 5. Just two days ago, protesters attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad. The demonstration focuses on the killing of several members of Iran-backed Khateeb Hezbollah in the US attack. Solaimani was the head of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Extreme tensions in international politics are centered around his death. Trump has repeatedly said that in order to assassinate Solaimani, he had intelligence that Solaimani had planned to attack the United States. However, he could not provide any evidence.

Trump repeated the same words yesterday on Thursday. However, he referred to the embassy yesterday as the target of the attack.

According to Fox News, BBC Online reported on Saturday that four US embassies were planned to attack Iran during the assassination of Iranian general Soleimani. Asked if the threat has pushed the United States toward Friday’s (January 5) drone attacks, Trump said, “I can reveal that.” I believe (the attack was planned) four embassies. ‘

At the White House yesterday, Trump asserted that the first US embassy was planning an attack on Iran. He made the same claim at a rally in Ohio that night.

An environmental event was taking place in the White House yesterday. At that event, he told reporters that he had ordered the killings because Iran “wanted to blow up the embassy” in Iran. He said Iran had carried out the protests at the US Embassy in Baghdad just days before the Soleimani assassination.

“You know who caused that incident,” Trump said. The man is nowhere. Ok And there were several other embassies in his plan (for the attack). ‘At a rally in the state of Ohio later, Trump said: “Solaimani was actively planning for a new attack, and he was seriously watching over our embassies. Not just the Baghdad embassy. ‘

Trump campaigned on the Soleimani assassination campaign without informing lawmakers, mocking the Democrats over allegations that the Democrats would release information on US military plans to the media.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said similarly in support of Trump’s claim about plans to attack Iran in four embassies. Announcing the new sanctions imposed on Iran, the Foreign Minister said they had specific information about the threat, including plans to attack embassies.

But Democrats said they did not find any evidence of intelligence plans to attack the embassy.

On Friday, US Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin announced the imposition of new sanctions on Iran, saying measures have been taken to curb Iran’s terrorist activity around the world. Iran’s construction materials, manufactured goods, and mining industries will be subject to the ban. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said Iran’s “internal security apparatus” was targeted by the sanctions this time.

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