Ivanka will leave the White House if Trump becomes president again

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Trump may leave the White House if Donald Trump is re-elected to the US presidential election in 2021. That’s what Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump pointed out in an interview with CBS. This was reported in the ANI report.

If his father wins again in the upcoming presidential election, will he serve in the administration? In response to such a question, Ivanka said, “My children are my first and foremost priority.” He said, “Children’s happiness is more important to me than my own happiness. I make my decision according to the situation. But their needs are paramount. ‘

Ivanka says, “For two and a half years, I have traveled to almost every state. It has created opportunities. ‘

Ivanka says work is still unfinished, though. “We have done a lot of work for the people. But that is not yet enough. ‘

Do you continue to serve in the administration? Replying to such a question, Trumpkanya said, “In fact, politics is less attractive to me.”

Both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have been in the Trump administration for 20 years. The pair also played a key role in Trump’s presidential campaign.

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