Jo Swinson was swept away by the tide of freedom fighters in Scotland

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Brexit winners in United Kingdom’s general election this year. In Scotland, however, he has no splinters. In all places, the independence-sounding Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) shouted. The party’s position is again against Brexit. Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democrats team is swept by the tide of the SNP. He also took an anti-Brexit stance.

Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader, voted in the Dunbartonshire East seat in Scotland. His loss in his seat is said to be the biggest event of this year’s election. He has again been arrested by the Independent SNP candidate. Joe got 5,220 votes. SNP’s Amy Callegam took the seat, getting just 5 votes more than her.

Joe Swinson returns to the polls promising to abolish the UK from the European Union (Brexit). At the outset, it was thought that his party, the Liberal Democrat, would respond well to the Brexit opposition. Joe Swinson now sees the possibility of sitting in the UK Prime Minister’s seat. But after the election, the picture is quite different now. It was suggested that the party could get only six seats. Now leaders of the party have criticized Joe Swinson, saying that taking a direct anti-Brexit stance was not right at all. Again, Joe has failed to personally engage with voters.

If the miserable condition of the Liberal Democrats party is surprising in the elections, the great success of the independence party SNP in Scotland is even more surprising. Wherever there is a victory for the Brexit Conservatives across the country, the success of the SNP in the anti-Brexit position in Scotland is striking. In this election, the people of England have confidence in the Brexit Conservatives. And people in Scotland voted for both anti-Brexit and pro-independence positions. The Boothfourt survey indicated that NNPs will get 3 out of a total of 5 seats in Scotland. Earlier, the party had a seat in the Westminster Parliament. Such a singular victory of the SNP has brought the Scottish independence context back on track.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said they had promised a referendum on independence. The people of Scotland have responded to that promise.

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