John McDonnell No trust left in PM over Brexit talks

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Labour’s shadow chancellor says he doesn’t trust nun could once details from cross-party talks on Brexit were leaked to the press.The PM has referred to as on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to “put their variations aside” and agree a Brexit deal.

But John McDonnell same she had “blown the confidentially” of the talks and “jeopardised the negotiations”.The UK was because of leave the EU on twenty nine March, however it absolutely was delayed to thirty one October once MPs did not agree a deal.Mrs could place the arrange she had negotiated with the EU to Parliament thrice, however it failed to have the support of the Commons.

‘Uncomfortable’ decision

Writing within the Mail on Sunday, mans could same Mr Corbyn ought to “listen to what voters said” in Thursday’s native elections – that saw the Conservatives lose one,334 councilors and Labour fail to form expected gains, instead losing eighty two seats.

The Liberal Democrats benefited from Tory losses, gaining 703 seats, with the Greens and independents conjointly creating gains.The prime minister goddam the Brexit impasse for the losses – however same the elections gave “fresh urgency” to seek out the way to “break the deadlock”.

Mrs might also same she hoped to seek out a “unified, cross-party position” with Labour – despite admitting that her colleagues “find this call uncomfortable” which “frankly, it’s not what I needed either”.

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Mr McDonnell in agreement that the message from the polls was to “get on with it” and are available to associate degree agreement over Brexit quickly.But whereas he same the talks between the 2 parties would continue on weekday, he same that they had been undermined once a commentary within the Sunday Times, description wherever Mrs could was willing to compromise – specifically on customs, product alignment and workers’ rights.

The paper conjointly same the PM may hints plans for a comprehensive, however temporary, customs arrangement with the EU that will last till consequent election.Mr McDonnell told the BBC’s Saint Andrew the Apostle Marr show: “We have maintained confidentiality as that’s what we have a tendency to were asked to try and do. we’ve not briefed the media.

“So it’s unsatisfying the prime minister has broken that, and that i assume it’s associate degree act of unhealthy religion.”I absolutely perceive currently why she could not negociate an honest agitate our European partners if she behaves during this manner.”

Asked if he sure the prime minister, the shadow chancellor said: “No. Sorry. Not once this we have a tendency toekend once she has blown the confidentiality we had, and that i really assume she has jeopardised the negotiation for her own personal protection

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