Kim hails N Korea’s ‘shining success’ in coronavirus fight: Live

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The Republican governor of Texas ordered that face masks be worn in most public spaces across the state and banned gatherings of quite 10 people.

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding an “immediate cessation of hostilities” for a minimum of 90 days in key conflicts including those in Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan, and therefore the Republic of Congo to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy’s hard-hit northern region of Lombardy accounted for considerably quite half the nation’s latest confirmed 187 coronavirus cases – raising the entire to 240,760 nationwide. The Ministry of Health also reported 21 new deaths, raising the number of deaths to 34,788.

Some 10.8 million people around the world are diagnosed with the coronavirus, about 5.7 million have recovered, and quite 520,000 have died, consistent with a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the newest updates.

Friday, July 3
06:35 GMT – South Korea has 63 newly confirmed virus cases
South Korea has reported 63 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 as health authorities scramble to mobilize public health tools to the southwestern city of Gwangju, where quite 50 people were found sickened over the past week.

The figures announced by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brought the national caseload to 12,967 infections, including 282 deaths.

05:29 GMT – In the new record, India adds 20,000 virus cases
India reported another single-day record for brand spanking new virus cases on Friday – 20,903.

The figure took the national total to 625,544. The Ministry of Health also reported a further 379 deaths within the past 24 hours, taking fatalities up to 18,213.

With the present rate of infections, India is predicted to surpass Russia’s 660,000 cases in the coming days and become the third worst-hit country after us and Brazil.

05:08 GMT – Monkeys infected with coronavirus developed short-term immunity

Test monkeys infected with the novel coronavirus liable for the COVID-19 pandemic were shielded from reinfection for up to twenty-eight days later, consistent with a Chinese study published within the journal Science.

Scientists from Peking Union Medical College infected six rhesus macaques in their trachea with a dose of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They developed mild to moderate symptoms and took about fortnight to recover.

Twenty-eight days after the primary infection, four of the six monkeys received another dose of virus, but this point, despite a quick rise in temperature, they showed no sign of reinfection, the study authors wrote.

While the monkeys displayed initial immunity, it’s not clear how long such immunity will last in humans – it’ll be necessary to attend for months, or maybe years, to understand if the many people infected at the beginning of the pandemic are shielded from reinfection.

04:39 GMT – Kim Jong Un hails North Korea’s ‘shining success’ against COVID-19
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has praised what he described as his country’s “shining success” in holding off the new coronavirus, consistent with the state-run KCNA press agency.

“We have thoroughly prevented the inroad of the malignant virus and maintained a stable anti-epidemic situation despite the worldwide health crisis, which may be a shining success achieved,” Kim told a gathering of the politburo of the ruling Workers Party on Thursday.

While Pyongyang has not confirmed any infections, its Ministry of Public Health has reported all 922 people checked thus far have tested negative. many people, mostly cargo handlers at seaports and land borders, are regularly quarantined for monitoring.

03:01 GMT – Portuguese government raises its stake in TAP
Portugal’s government announced it sealed a final affect private shareholders of ailing flag carrier TAP to require a controlling stake within the airline while avoiding nationalization.

“TAP is just too important for the country for us to simply accept the danger of letting such a corporation fall,” Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos told a press conference. “Fortunately, we avoided TAP’s nationalization.”

According to the govt, the state will increase its stake in TAP to 72.5 percent from the present 50 percent. Like other airlines, TAP asked for help in April after a collapse in demand for travel thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. the ECU Commission approved the rescue loan earlier this month.

02:14 GMT – Peru surpasses 10,000 coronavirus deaths
Peru’s COVID-19 price rose to 10,045 on Thursday, the health ministry said, each day after the Latin American nation began easing a lockdown during a bid to revive the economy.

The number of deaths rose by 185 within the last 24 hours, while the number of individuals infected rose to 292,004, the ministry said. Peru is Latin-America’s worst-hit country after Brazil.

Source: aljazeera


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