Labour leadership: Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy launch campaigns to succeed Jeremy Corbyn

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The race to steer the Labour Party doubled in size last night as both Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy announced their intention to require over the role from Jeremy Corbyn.

Both appealing to revive faith in both the party and politics at large, Ms Philips suggests her case during a slick video posted to Twitter, while Ms Nandy began her argument during a letter to her local newspaper.

The third and fourth candidates to place their names forward now join Corbyn-era frontbenchers Clive Lewis and Emily Thornberry within the battle to require on the leadership following the worst election defeat for the party since 1935.

Ms Phillips, an outspoken critic of Mr Corbyn who joined the Commons five years ago, said the party should elect “a different quite leader” and needed to recognise that politics had changed during a “fundamental way as she began to challenge Boris Johnson “with passion, heart and precision”.

The Birmingham MP made no mention of policy in her opening campaign message, which instead focused on how she would lead the party, and her personal characteristics.

“I travelled around the country during the overall election and what I used to be hearing from our amazing activists was that folks don’t trust us any longer,” she said. “And that’s what I used to be hearing from voters. They don’t think we are honest and that they don’t trust us to be the people that get to form the choices .”

A YouGov poll of Labour members showed Ms Phillips polling in third place behind Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey within the upcoming contest, with 12 per cent of first preference votes. Meanwhile, Ms Nandy held the support of just 6 per cent support within the same poll.

Having repeatedly made the case that the Labour Party should regain the support of towns the length and breadth of England within the run-up to her announcement, the MP wrote during a letter to the Wigan Post: “I understand that we’ve one chance to get back the trust of individuals in Wigan, Workington and Wrexham.

“Without what was once our Labour heartlands we’ll never win power in Westminster and help to create the country we all know we will be.“I have heard you loud and clear once you said to earn that trust means we’d like a pacesetter who is proud to be from those communities, has skin within the game and is ready to travel out, listen and convey Labour home to you”.

She went on to get out her mission to regain the so-called “red wall” of constituencies within the north that had once been Labour’s heartland but flipped to the Conservatives under Boris Johnson.

Other candidates within the race are expected to formally declare next week, with a replacement leader expected to be selected by the top of March.

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