Laura Ingraham on the ‘real COVID record’: Media and therefore the left are rewriting history

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“The constant belittling of the administration’s efforts is deeply unfair and it’s almost entirely political,” consistent with Laura Ingraham, who defended the administration’s response to the coronavirus Tuesday.

Ingraham addressed “the biggest lies peddled by the left,” beginning with “the president doesn’t take the pandemic seriously.”

“While the Democrats were hyperventilating over the bogus impeachment hearings and therefore the refore the media was bemoaning anti-China bias and the reaction initially to the virus, the Trump administration created a COVID task force on January 29th,” Ingraham said.

Ingraham called the “second lie” the notion “that the White House didn’t do enough to alleviate the medical supply shortage,” pointing to ny not running out of private protection equipment and ventilators.

The host then began to dismantle coronavirus death rate numbers, blaming blue states for not showing Trump’s success.

“Once you probe the numbers, it is easy to ascertain which states are holding back a full-fledged recovery. The blue ones, Nevada and Hawaii, have an excuse due to the issues resulting from tourism,” Ingraham said.

“But why are of these other states on this list still doing so poorly? Because they did not take President Trump’s advice. And instead of trusting their people, they imposed drastic lockdown measures that had catastrophic economic consequences while doing little or no to prevent the virus.”

Ingraham blamed Democratic governors for the president not getting enough credit.

“But while these figures clearly show that the US is doing alright by comparison to our allies in Europe,” Ingraham said, “they don’t give President Trump enough credit because the U.S. figures are distorted by the poor performance of the many of the blue state governors.”

Source: fox news

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