Messi-Ramosara will be together before El Clasico

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Barcelona and Real Madrid will face Bangladesh at 4 pm tomorrow. With this match, the two teams have the opportunity to secure the top spot in the league

This season’s El Clasico has been looking forward to everyone. Nearly four months have passed, but the biggest match in Spanish football has not been seen for political reasons. The El Clasico of October is back on December 3 due to the ongoing unrest over the Catalan independence. Barcelona and Real Madrid will face New Camp tomorrow. However, the two teams will meet tomorrow before the match.

The Spanish government has warned everyone about El Clasico. In the situation where the whole Catalunya is enraged with independence, many are not able to take the match against the opponents naturally. Meanwhile, Catalan extremists have threatened to do something unpleasant. The sighting of the drone during the latest match at New Camp has raised security concerns. In such a situation it has been decided to keep the Real Madrid team at the nearest residential hotel in the field. Zinedine Zidane’s team will be staying at Princess Sofia Hotel, just 5 meters from the ground.

This is old news, of course. The latest news is that Barcelona players will also be kept at the hotel for the match. Usually, at home games, players appear on the field in their own system. But the Barcelona squad has been asked to come to Hotel Sofia at 12:00 noon to advise the security team to ensure no players are caught in an accident or crowd. Barcelona has decided to stay at the hotel until 8 pm local time for this match.

Every year, El Clasico sparks something new. But this time, besides political reasons, the field game is also attracting interest. Nine years later, this is the first El Clasico match between two teams. Barcelona and Real Madrid are three points ahead of Sevilla with three points, despite playing one match less than any other league opponent.

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