Mike Pence warns Christian grads to organize for ridicule from ‘secular left’

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Vice President Mike Pence had a sobering message Saturday as he delivered a commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Pence warned graduating seniors of the Christian university that they needed to prepare for persecution from critics he described as “the secular left.”

“Some of the loudest voices for tolerance these days have very little tolerance for ancient Christian beliefs,” the VP warned, consistent with the Washington Times. “So as you approach your everyday life, simply be prepared.”

As associate degree example, Pence pointed to a “bevy of Hollywood liberals” who’ve been waging a boycott effort against the state of Georgia, whose Republican governor, Brian Kemp, recently signed a strict pro-life “heartbeat” abortion bill into law.

The VP noted that strident criticism against Christians is comparatively new in Yankee expertise.“Throughout most of Yankee history, it has been pretty simple to decision yourself, Christian,” Pence told the gathering, consistent with the USA these days. “It didn’t even occur to those that you may be shunned or ridiculed for defensive the teachings of the Bible.”

According to the Christian Post, Pence same his woman Karen was subjected to “harsh attacks by the media and therefore the lay left” once she came to teaching at a Christian primary school earlier this year.

“These attacks on Christian education area unit disloyal,” Pence same, consistent with the Post, adding that President Trump and his administration have taken “decisive action to guard nonsecular liberty.”

In 2017, Liberty University was the primary school wherever President Trump delivered a commencement address since taking the workplace. The school’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., has been a staunch supporter of the president.

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