More than 4 million people in Canada have trouble eating

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Canada’s wealthiest countries die too many people don’t eat. More than 4 million people cannot afford enough healthy food. Many people die before they even reach the average life expectancy due to hunger. A recent survey revealed such data.

Citing information from an article published in the Canadian Medical Association magazine, AFP reported Monday that Canadians who cannot afford daily meals are more likely to die.

About half of Canadian adults surveyed find that hunger is one of the leading causes of death rates after cancer. Among those who are not able to afford food, those who are not able to afford it have twice the rate of germ-infected illness, involuntary injury and suicide.

The author of the article, Faye Meng, says: ‘This is largely the cause of third world countries in the first world. In Canada, foodless people are facing problems like infection and drug abuse, as we see in developing countries. The results are quite different. In a developed world like Canada, food insecurity is still the cause of death. ‘

According to the article, more than 40,00,000 people living in Canada do not get enough food.

According to the latest UN data, more than 20 million people worldwide lack sufficient healthy food and suffer from a variety of physical problems. About 8 percent of the population is from North American and European countries.

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