Moscow plane fire: 41 killed on Aeroflot jet

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Forty-one people on board a Russian passenger jet were killed, including at least two children, after the aircraft crash-landed at a Moscow airport on Sunday, bursting into flames on impact and bouncing down the runway.

Aeroflot flight SU 1492 skidded down the runway at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, its rear section ablaze and spilling thick, black smoke.Once the plane had come to a halt, passengers escaped using emergency slides from the plane’s two forward doors, before running away from the burning aircraft.Initial reports said the Super jet 100 was flying from Moscow to Murmansk, a Russian city in the Arctic circle, when an emergency on board forced it to turn back.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that a “loss of communication” caused by a “lightning strike” had led to the decision to return to Sheremetyevo. No official cause has yet been provided for the disaster.Shocking video of the incident showed the plane approach the runway at speed before impacting on the ground, causing it to launch back in the air before hitting the runway again and bursting into flames.

A total of seventy eight folks were aboard the stricken flight, as well as 5 crew members. cardinal folks survived, 5 of whom square measure presently receiving treatment in hospital, same Elena Markovskaya, a spokesperson for Russia’s investigatory Committee.An yank subject was additionally killed within the crash, Interfax rumored.

A traveller in an exceedingly plane waiting to depart Russian capital announce video on Instagram supposedly showing fireplace crews attending the scene because the craft Saturday in flames on the runway.

Aeroflot, Russia’s unofficial national carrier, printed Associate in Nursing “incomplete” list of thirty three survivors, as well as the names of the 5 passengers hospitalized. in an exceedingly series of short statements on its web site, it same that the craft was exhausted in fifty five seconds, compared to the “industry norm” of ninety seconds.The flight crew “did everything in its power to save lots of traveller lives and supply emergency help to those concerned,” another short unleash same.

“Tragically, they were unable to save lots of all of these aboard.”The captain was the last to go away the burning craft, the airline accessorial, and offered its condolences to the passengers and their families. It declared that it might fly relatives those affected to Russian capital at no cost.

Russian-made jet
The Sukhoi Superjet one hundred could be a comparatively new craft, having solely entered service in mid-2011. over one hundred models of the plane square measure operative round the world, consistent with the corporate.

The 100-seater craft is “a fusion of Russia’s illustrious aviation style and production skills with the newest systems from leading region suppliers round the world,” the craft pamphlet says.The model achieved the eu Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) sort Certificate in 2012, and additionally holds safety certificates from variety of different aviation authorities.

Russian President national leader has been hep of the fiery airplane landing of the Aeroflot jet in Russian capital and has ordered a “thorough investigation,” Kremlin voice Dmitry Peskov told Russian state agency TASS.

All directions are given to conduct the foremost thorough investigation, (to carry out) the required orders to seek out out the reason for this accident,” same Peskov, consistent with TASS.He accessorial that Putin “extends his deep condolences to those that lost their close to and pricey during this incident.”

Russia’s investigatory Committee has launched a criminal probe into the incident, i

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