One journalist blinded by a rubber bullet in Hong Kong

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An Indonesian journalist’s right eye has been permanently blinded by a rubber bullet fired by police during a demonstration in Hong Kong.

The injured journalist is named Veebi Mega Indah. His lawyer, Michael Weidler, said that Mega was working to collect news of protests in China’s autonomous region last Sunday. The rubber bullets of the police pierced his eyeglasses and hit him in the eye.

The BBC reported online on Wednesday. Hong Kong has been furious over the shooting of a young man in police shootings last Tuesday.

On the day of the 3-year anniversary of Communist rule in China, on Tuesday, there were widespread protests and clashes in Hong Kong, the country’s autonomous region. In Hong Kong, an umbrella, masks followed by protesters gathered in groups. Police used tear gas shells and water from the boats to disperse them. Protesters and petrol bombs were fired at police.

Police have arrested 20 people since the protests began in Hong Kong. Hundreds of protesters were taken to the hospital. Six policemen were injured in various clashes.

Police fired six rubber bullets and fired 1,000 shells of tear gas to protest Tuesday’s protests. In the first two months of the protest, thousands of shells of gas were fired at the police to disperse angry people.

How a journalist was injured
Footage of the journalist’s CCTV camera showed the injured, rubber bullets were fired at a group of protesters and journalists on a pedestrian crossing bridge in the One Chai area of ​​Hong Kong.

Lawyer Michael Weidler said one of the shots struck Megara glasses just 12 meters away. Because of this, both his eyes were damaged. She was taken to the hospital shortly after the incident. Doctors confirmed yesterday that Megar’s right eye will be blind forever.

Injured journalist Mega worked for the Indonesian-language newspaper Suara. He was wearing a helmet worn by a vest and ‘press’, visible from afar.Another journalist told Megara Barat that even in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, they shouted, “Don’t shoot, we are journalists.”

Confirming that the journalist was injured, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong urged the citizens of his country to avoid other movement-oriented areas, including One Chai.

Anis Hidayah, director of the private company Migrant Care, said the Hong Kong government should take responsibility for the incident. He told The Jakarta Post that the Indonesian government should take swift action to investigate the incident through the Consulate General of Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, the extradition bill was introduced last February. According to the bill, the suspect will be sent to the mainland of China for trial. Then the people of Hong Kong said that if the bill was passed, the autonomy of Hong Kong would be reduced. Protests began last March demanding the bill be repealed.

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