Only rain can stop India

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The weather has caused many damage to the World Cup and the chances of a lot of teams are wasted. Due to abandoning the match, sharing a point is one way to get points for any team. Again, for those teams to go to the last four, it is a losing point. Due to rain, South Africa got the first point and reminded of the memories of the old days, the West Indies would be disappointed to lose a point. Because when rain comes, they hold South Africa down.

There is a possibility of rain in India and New Zealand’s two unbeaten tournaments. New Zealand easily defeats India in the preparation match But the start of India’s World Cup has been good and they are very good rhythm. Shikhar Dhawan has just scored a superb century against Australia. During this time his injury was a major blow to India.

Every man has a power to bear the pain. That’s why the Dhawan innings is incredible. At the beginning of the innings, he had a pain on his thigh but still batted in such a way that there was no pain. This calamity is hoping that he will recover before the much anticipated match against England. His record in ICC Tournaments is remarkable. For this, hope that the team management will give all the opportunities to recover.

Unfortunately Dhawan’s injury is giving India a chance, who can bat four, see that. After opening the innings against Australia, they got a chance to take Dhawan’s partnership with Hrithik Pandey to bat four. Pandya did not use the opportunity! For this, when India again faces such a situation, Pandiya will get back to four. If India lose wickets at the beginning, then only Vijay Shankar can be seen in four. Shankar has batted well against New Zealand in the beginning of the year. So their attack is known to them. It will work for him.

If the weather is cloudy, then India can take Mohammad Shami instead of Kuldeep Yadav. These small changes depend on the opponent team and the weather on that day. The way Virat Kohli is playing, it does not matter who is in the opposition team. Their main anxiety may be weather. Rain may cause the hungry group to win the rain.

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