Philippines orders millions to remain home: Coronavirus updates

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Millions of people on the most island of Luzon, including the capital Manila, went back to a partial lockdown for next fortnight .

Australia’s second-most populous state, Victoria, said on Tuesday that 500 military personnel are going to be deployed to enforce COVID-19 isolation orders, with anyone caught in breach of these rules facing hefty fines as high as $14,250.

Latin America broke through five million confirmed cases of COVID-19, a Reuters tally showed, underscoring the region’s position because the area of the planet hardest hit by the pandemic. it’s already reported quite 200,000 deaths.

More than 18.28 million people round the world are diagnosed with the new coronavirus as of Tuesday, up quite 280,000 in only at some point . quite 10.9 million have recovered, and quite 693,000 have died.

Tuesday, August 4
11:09 GMT – Indonesia reports 1,922 new coronavirus cases, 86 deaths
Indonesia has recorded 1,922 new coronavirus infections, bringing the entire number of cases within the Southeast Asian country to 115,056, official data by the country’s COVID-19 task force showed.

The data also showed there have been 86 additional deaths, taking the general number of fatalities to five ,388.

10:46 GMT – Hong Kong reports 80 new coronavirus cases, mostly local transmissions
Hong Kong has reported 80 new coronavirus cases, including 75 that were locally transmitted, as authorities raced to contain a 3rd wave of the outbreak which has seen infections soar over the past month.

Since late January, Hong Kong has reported quite 3,600 infections and 40 related deaths.

10:33 GMT – Philippines reports 6,352 coronavirus cases, Southeast Asia’s biggest daily jump
The Philippines’ health ministry has reported 6,352 new coronavirus infections, marking the most important daily jump in cases in Southeast Asia and after posting a record rise in five of the past six days.

In a bulletin, the ministry said total confirmed cases had increased to 112,593, while deaths rose by 11 to 2,115.

10:07 GMT – Poland reports record increases in COVID cases as coal mines hit
Poland has reported its fourth record daily increase in coronavirus cases during a week, with quite 30 percent of cases coming from the Silesia region within the south, which has been grappling with another outbreak among coal miners.

The daily record, with 680 new infections and 6 deaths, comes as Poland considers introducing stricter restrictions, including mandatory testing for travellers returning to Poland and quarantine for those coming from certain countries.

09:46 GMT – Second COVID wave ‘highly likely’ to hit France this year, scientists say
A second wave of the novel coronavirus is “highly likely” to hit France within the autumn or winter seasons, the government’s top scientific body warned, as authorities seek to contain a rise in new cases over the past fortnight .

After strict lockdown measures pushed down infection rates, many European countries are now watching numbers creep copy , a consequence of easing curbs to undertake to limit economic damage and greater social mixing within the season .

“The situation is precarious and that we could at any moment tip into a scenario that’s less in check , like in Spain,” the French scientific committee said during a statement published by the health ministry.

09:04 GMT – Taiwan provisionally approves dexamethasone as coronavirus treatment
Taiwan has provisionally approved the utilization of dexamethasone, an inexpensive and widely-used steroid, to treat the new coronavirus, because the island faces a shortfall of the antiviral remdesivir after the us bought nearly all global supplies.

Taiwan Centres for Disease Control Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang told reporters that doctors had decided to provisionally allow dexamethasone to be listed as a COVID-19 treatment but that procedures still needed to be completed before it might be given to any patients.

Taiwan has reported 476 cases of the new coronavirus, including seven deaths. Most of the cases are imported and most have recovered. it’s kept numbers low because of early and effective prevention work.

08:10 GMT – UK risks twice-as-big second COVID wave without better testing, study finds
The UK will face a second wave of COVID-19 this winter twice as widespread because the initial outbreak if it reopens schools without a simpler test-and-trace system in situ , consistent with a study published.

Researchers from University College London and therefore the London School of Hygiene and medicine modelled the impact of reopening schools either on a full- or part-time basis, thus allowing parents to return to figure , on the potential spread of the virus.

Source: aljazeera


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