Prosecution justice, lawyers seeking Trump’s release

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Senate prosecutors seek the release of US President Donald Trump in trial On Monday, a group of Trump’s lawyers submitted the document to the Senate, demanding it. They called the accusation against Trump a “dangerous goodwill” of the Constitution.

In the meantime, the prosecutors of the House of Representatives have submitted their documents. In the document, they say that Trump has used corrupt practices to cheat in the next election.

The hearing on the indictment will begin on Tuesday, BBC Online reported.

He was indicted by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on December 18 last year, accusing Ukraine of investigating corruption allegations against political rival Joe Biden of Trump and abusing Congress in connection with his actions.

Trump is accused of being the third president of the United States in the House of Representatives. Earlier, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were indicted in the House of Representatives but won the Senate. With Republicans in the Senate being the majority, Trump is also expected to win.

During the trial, senators will hear two-party hearings six hours a day and six days a week. The trial will be headed by John Roberts, the country’s chief justice. Earlier, on January 16, he administered the oath to 100 senators as a jury for the trial. Of them, 53 are Republican and 47are Democrats.

These jurors need two-thirds of support or 67 votes to remove Trump from power. Trump is expected to be released as a result.

When the trial begins, Trump will be at the Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

His lawyers filed a 171-page document, including detailed information, on behalf of Trump against the indictment. They have termed the accusation as “vile and dangerous”. They say Trump’s allegations of impeachment failed to address any crime or law violation.

The impeachment process originated from Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zalensky on July 25 last year. The allegations came amid allegations that Trump pressured Jalensky to tarnish the image of Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden during the next presidential election. The incident comes out through a whistleblower or a person alerted to leaked information.

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