Public support for Trump’s accusation is growing

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US television channel CBS News, 5 percent of people in the United States support a campaign to probe a crackdown on President Donald Trump. According to the same poll, 5 percent of citizens think the goal of the impeachment investigation is to endanger Trump.

The disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over the question of Trump’s accusation, as usual, is as intense as ever. This is also evident in the CBS News public opinion poll. 3 percent of Republicans are against Trump. 5 percent of Democrats favor the prosecution. And the position of the non-partisan Americans is virtually equal – against 5 percent, 5 percent.

Most commentators feel that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken a similar stance, taking a stand for the Democrats in a formal initiative. He has not supported the campaign in spite of the demands of the party’s progressives in the argument against the people of the country. However, the situation changed after the leak of information about Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president was leaked.

Democrats have fresh evidence of how Trump has abused his power as the White House releases details of that conversation by itself. He called himself a foreign intervention in the 2001 elections. Pelosi described the White House’s attempt to hide the conversation as a ‘cover-up’.

Pelosi’s idea of ​​how Trump abused his vested political responsibility will easily be captured by ordinary Americans. At a weekly telephone conference of party leaders on Sunday afternoon, Pelosi and other party leaders expressed their confidence that the decision to investigate the prosecution was correct.

“We have made the right decision,” Pelosi said. But we have to proceed with caution. Whatever we do, it should be governed. ‘It is reported that in this investigation, except for all other things, only the example of Ukraine will be used. Democratic leader Hakim Jeffries advised party members to restrict their statements to “national security, abuse of power and betrayal” – all three.

Trump himself has been aggressively attacking Democrats on Twitter. He claimed he had not violated any law. He says the only goal of what the Democrats are doing is to annoy him. One of the major targets of Trump’s anger is Adam Schiff, the head of the congressional intelligence committee. He has demanded Shiff’s resignation over allegations of lying.

Comfortable for Trump, most Republican congressional members have been with him until now. The White House’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller, has also said that Trump is a real whistleblower. Because he has uncovered the corruption of former Vice-President Biden and his son.

On the whistleblower or warning allegations that Democrats have begun the process of impeachment, Trump has also taken to the Twitter-war against him. All whistleblowers have a law to protect them from any retaliation. Trump, however, threatened to take action against the anonymous whistleblower by calling him a “spy.”

In a tweet on Sunday, Trump called for a face-to-face meeting with the whistleblower and the government officials who helped him with the information.

The Democratic leadership has reached a consensus on who will lead the congressional intelligence committee and committee chief Adam Schiff on the question of prosecution. Schiff has already sent a summons to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Juliani to testify before his committee.

Juliani said he had contacted Ukraine at the request of the Foreign Ministry. It is not yet clear what action the White House will take to respond to the summons. So long they have ignored all the requests of the Democrats. But now there is legal authority behind the summons, which will not be easy to ignore.

Adam Schiff said he had agreed to attend an unidentified whistleblower blockade meeting before his committee. When this meeting, its date has not been determined. But there is no possibility of a whistleblower meeting with Trump.

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