Request for Trump not to nose in UK election

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges US President Donald Trump not to blow his nose at the country’s upcoming election. Trump is scheduled to travel to the United Kingdom next week to attend the NATO summit. Just before this, Boris said last Friday that the US president would be “the best” if the US president was not involved in any way.

Although known for his hooted-up comments, Trump has already expressed his views on the UK elections. Last October, he said the opposition Labor Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, would be “very bad” for the UK if he were prime minister and that Boris Johnson should be aligned with Brexit party leader Nigel Faraz.

“As traditional allies and friends, we have not traditionally been involved in each other’s election campaigns,” Boris said on Friday at LBC Radio in the UK. However, a senior Trump administration official told reporters he should not talk about elections to another country – President Trump well understood.

Conservative leaders are still upset.

The four-year political crisis in the Brexit (separation of the UK from the European Union) issue has left the United Kingdom in a state of political crisis. In the meantime, Boris has held a December 12 election to return to power with the promise of a greater majority. Various polls say the Conservative Party is far ahead of the opposition Labor Party. Boris has said he will execute Brexit by January 5 if he is re-elected.

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