Ronaldo’s fifth balloon troubled Messi

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The duo is unique throughout football history. Cristiano Ronaldo started on the 21st. Lionel Messi cut the gap to 4-1 after winning the next four years. The Portugal and Juventus star have hit Messi right in the back 20 so far. Until yesterday, the two were sharing five world titles. Messi went on to fight for his sixth balloon yesterday. Another unidentified information was given by Messi on the night of the Paris record-making. Ronaldo’s fifth ballon d’Or win did not hurt him!

Messi interviewed the France Football Magazine who presented the Ballon d’Or award. In that interview, Messi admits he had trouble seeing Ronaldo take the fifth balloon.

Messi, a frankly sincere Frenchman, enjoyed the ‘Five Ballon d’Or’ as the only footballer. Don’t lie, I was in trouble after Cristiano (Ronaldo) won the fifth balloon. As the only footballer, I am no longer at the top, it was hard for me to accept that. As a sole footballer, I was enjoying the feeling of being on top. ‘

27 to 212 – He won the Ballon d’Or four times in four years but only once in the next six years. He won the award for world best footballer in the club after winning the treble in club football. Then he won again with a break of four years. However, Ronaldo captured him four times in five years. Was Messi disappointed for a while after not winning the Ballon d’Or for such a long time? Messi, however, did not directly acknowledge the frustration, saying: ‘Did I become frustrated in the last few years? I understand why I haven’t worn it in the last few years. Our highest goal as a team was to win the Champions League. If you win the Champions League, the chances of winning the balloon increase.

Messi feels it is normal for Ronaldo to win four balloons in five years because of the importance of the Champions League. Not only winning but winning the title also played an important role. He deserved it. I didn’t have much to do here. ‘

Ronaldo has been dropped from the top two for the first time since the 27th. Messi had the same experience last year, becoming fifth. Messi can understand Ronaldo’s mental state from his own experience. For that reason, the Barcelona star’s sympathies were mixed with Ronaldo’s sympathy, ‘I can understand Ronaldo’s disappointment. We all live with despair. But there are different types of expression for each person. A great athlete will always want to win. ‘

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