Schoolchildren protest in New York to save the world

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This is the last chance to protect the world from the ultimate catastrophe – schoolchildren have started a new movement ‘Friday for the Future’ to save the environment. An unprecedented protest and public rally were held on Friday demanding immediate action to prevent the climate crisis from the initiative of young students in around the world.

Before the climate summit is scheduled to be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York next Monday, the main goal of a global demonstration of young citizens is to convey only last-chance messages to world leaders.

The fancy movement of students around the world is led by Greta Thunberg, a 3-year-old Swedish environmentalist. He arrived in New York last week on a solar-powered sailing ship off the Atlantic. He is expected to address the United Nations Climate Summit.

“The world is burning, there’s no delay,” Greta told world leaders at a rally at Battery Park in New York on Friday. Mentioning that the world leaders may not listen to him, he says, “We will make sure that they listen to us.”

Friday’s worldwide protest was unprecedented in all respects. On one Friday in October last year, Greta protested for the first time outside the Swedish parliament, demanding that the climate be restrained. From what began the ‘Friday for the Future’ (or FFF) movement. In many countries around the world, students have been protesting on Friday demanding action to prevent climate change by not going to school. That was part of Friday’s global protest.

At one o’clock this afternoon, when the reporter arrived at Lava Folly Park in Battery Park, the park was crowded in the presence of thousands of children. Most of the students in the school, almost everyone has a carefully crafted placard.

Many of the parents also came, some bringing children to the chest or pushing them into a stroller. “Don’t Burn Our Future (Don’t Burn Our Future),” wrote a baby placard. A teenager beside him, in his hand placard, wrote, “Next Year I Vote (I’ll be able to vote next year)”.

On that day, the New York school administration announced that students would not receive any punishment if they participated in the protest. Mayor Bill de Blasio himself came to the protest, saying. However, most of the speakers were school students.

One of the speakers was Rebecca Shabnam, a schoolgirl in Bangladesh. Targeting thousands of listeners, he says, “My country is a victim of global warming, and this crisis will cause millions of people to be submerged.” So the climate crisis is not just a matter of environment, but also of human rights. ” Rebecca called for the people of Bangladesh and Rohingya to demand immediate action to resolve the crisis.

Indian-born teenager Kevin Patel came from California to participate in the protest. He says, ‘In this fight, you are either with us or against us.’ To the world leaders, he says, ‘You decide which side you are on.’

Greta Thunberg was the keynote speaker of the day. The protests have started around the world with the initiative of the young girl. Placards caught by many in Battery Park were mocking Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

When Greta got up to speak in the afternoon, the park was full of ears. The organizers claim that two and a half million people have participated in the protest. Greeting the audience with a shy smile, Greta says, “The eyes of the world are on us now. There is still time for world leaders to take action. They will have that opportunity at the UN summit. “

With Greta announcing Greta, world leaders like it or not, change is coming.

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