Sea-river is a wonderful way to get rid of plastic

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River. The new method will remove all plastic waste coming from the river to the sea with a type of vessel called ‘Interceptor’. It will be fully powered by solar power. It is said to be the most modern weapon for removing plastic waste from water.

Every day, numerous plastic waste is being dumped into rivers and seas. This is very harmful to the plastic environment. Threats to marine life as well. Even the ancient places of tourism are being destroyed.

According to Ocean Conservancy, a campaign on environmental protection, 100,000,000 tons of plastic is wasted on the seas every year. As the size of the plastic economy grows, the volume of waste is increasing. Governments and environmental protection groups from different countries are steadying to stop the tide. In this case, the Netherlands non-profit organization, The Ocean Cleanup, has come up with this wonderful way for Interceptor.

The boat, which is 4 feet tall, has a curved section through which floating material can be lifted from a river or sea. It will basically pick up the floating waste from the sea. Upon picking up, the waste will go to the storage area. This is capable of collecting about 5 tons of waste every day.

In October, the interceptor was installed on the Klang River in Malaysia. Massively polluted river is the main waterway in Malaysia. It is flowing through the capital, Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas. Ocean Cleanup is jointly working with Malaysian government company Randansan Lumayan.

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