Senators mourn oversleep and games over Trump’s trial

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US President Donald Trump’s trial hearing accuses senators of falling asleep, playing games and breaking rules. Some people have been found to be obsessed with making crossword puzzles, fidget spinners and flying planes with the paper without paying heed to the arguments presented at the hearing.

The BBC reported online Friday that five senators who attended the hearing were acting as jurors. Jim Rish and Jim Inhofe are among those who fell asleep at lengthy hearings.

The Senate, the upper house of the US Congress, is regarded as the holiest and venerable place. But senators from both Republican and Democrat groups have accused US media of treating schoolchildren as sufferers.

The news agency Reuters reported that senators have a seat during the trial. But at least nine Democrats and 22 Republicans were seen leaving their seats on Thursday. Among them are Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bennett. Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn has also been seen reading the book. Although he defended the allegations.

Republican Senator Jim Rish, president of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, was seen sitting with his eyes closed in his chair during the hearing. However, he refused to sleep. He told the Wall Street Journal that he closed his eyes to hear the arguments with deep focus.

NBC reports that Republican Senator Jim Inhofe had another senator Todd Young awake when he fell asleep. Democrat Senator Mark Warner has been seen keeping his eyes closed for 20 minutes with his right hand in a bent position.

Republican Senator Richard Barr is seen delivering children’s toy fidget spinners to other senators.

Senate general hearings are brought regularly on phones, laptops, tablets. But at the Senate hearing, many were found to be unstable because of the ban on bringing electronics products. However, many senators are seen to find a different way. They read the smartwatch.

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been spotted cross walking puzzles. He also made an airplane with paper. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was seen playing a game on paper.

There is also a strict ban on bringing any food at the hearing. However, the senators were seen chewing on chocolate and chewing gum. Many senators have been heard to hear the arguments with great attention at the hearing. Some of them were taking notes. Republican Senator Marco Rubio is seen taking notes.

Before the hearing began Thursday, some Republican senators said they had not found anything new in the Democratic prosecutors’ argument. They have already decided to vote for the president.

The trial began last Tuesday. He was indicted by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on December 5 last year, accusing Ukraine of investigating corruption allegations against political rival Joe Biden of Trump and abusing Congress in connection with his actions.

Trump is accused of being the third president of the United States in the House of Representatives. Earlier, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were indicted in the House of Representatives but won the Senate. With Republicans in the Senate being the majority, Trump is also expected to win. John Roberts, the country’s chief justice, on January 5 administered oath to five senators as jurors to attend the trial. Of them, 7 are Republican and four are Democrats.

These jurors need two-thirds of support or 3 votes to remove Trump from power. Trump is expected to be released as a result.

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