Shakib’s match record for the country

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Shakib Al Hasan won the maximum three-man match award for Bangladesh in the World Cup. It is a version of the tournament and Bangladesh won the three matches

Seeing him in the World Cup, he can remember the king of the Greek world. King Madis of the Kingdom of the Rosacea and his golden touch touched the gold! Shakib Al Hasan should now be the old king of the World Cup, which is coming out on the field of golden performance. Now Bangladesh has won three matches so far, its hero Shakib, Shakib.

However, Shakib himself has objection to these words. He does not think he won. He once again said yesterday after being part of the match against Afghanistan. The all-rounder feels that the team has something to contribute, leading the all-rounder in ODIs. Maybe it’s there. But Shakib has impressed everyone with his performance. Imrul Kayes and Mohammad Ashraful went to the top of the episode yesterday. Imrul and Ashraful had earlier made the maximum number of matches for Bangladesh in the World Cup. They had a tournament back in the World Cup.

Starting with a win against South Africa. Shakib was the man of the match with 75 runs and one wicket with 50 runs. Then Shakib, the epic against the West Indies, was chasing the run and he was the nucleus of victory. Centuries, as well as two wickets, the matchrerao. And tomorrow, against the Afghanistan, the opponent has played Ghurrifasas after Fifty. 5 wickets taken by 29 runs. Who does not say anything about the match? Other than Shakib! That is, at the World Cup in Bangladesh, three-day match-taker Shakib In the history of the World Cup, no cricketer of Bangladesh is seen to be so preoccupied. There is no precedent for Shakib’s performance in Bangladesh.

Shakib has made the first impression of Imrul and Ashraful through this drawn performance. In the 2011 World Cup, Imrul played against England and Holland. Mohammed Ashraful was the match-winner against Bermuda and South Africa in the previous edition of the 2007 World Cup. Before the match for the third time of Shakib’s time, Imrul and Ashraful were the two most experienced players in the World Cup. Bangladesh have two more matches in the group stage. The form of Shakib, there will be no surprise if the best player in the other two matches. Now that the touch of the hands of Shakib!

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