‘Solaimani should have been killed years ago’

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Iran’s General Qasim Soleimani should have been killed a few years earlier, US President Donald Trump has said. Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, was killed in a US attack in Baghdad on Friday.

According to a report in Al Jazeera, Trump tweeted several tweets after confirming Solaimani’s death. In the first tweet, only the United States flag was pictured. But in the second tweet, he wrote quite a few words. In a second tweet, Trump wrote, “For a long time, Solaimani has killed or injured many US citizens. His plan was to kill many more. But before that, he was caught! He was, directly and indirectly, responsible for the deaths of millions of people. “

Shortly afterward, Trump tweeted another tweet. There, Trump wrote, “Iran will never properly admit that the Iranian people were intensely hated and feared by the Iranian people.” As much as the Iranian leaders are mourning the death of Solaimani, they are not really grieving. Solaimani should have been killed many years ago. ‘

Along with Trump, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey also ratified the decision to assassinate Solaimani. Pompeo said Iran was planning to kill many US citizens, saying Trump’s decision to kill Solaimani was correct. In an interview with USNews CNN, Pompeo said: “Solaimani was planning a major attack. The lives of many US citizens were in doubt. We came to know about his plan of attack. Such information from the intelligence forces has influenced us to make decisions. ‘

Meanwhile, Iran’s highest religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei warned the United States that the revenge of the incident would be averted by Iran, following the killing of Solaimani. Pompeo also said they were prepared to face any Iranian move. Pompeo also told Fox News, “Iran will react normally. But if they do not go that way, if they seek revenge in some other way, I am sure that President Trump and the entire United States are ready to deal with it immediately. ‘

Pompeo also said that attempts were made to justify the killing of Solaimani to important political leaders in the world. The Foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom and Germany, and Pompeo himself in contact with the State Council of China, have tried to explain the rationale for the decision, the US State Department said.

Trump ordered the United States to launch an airstrike on General Solaimani’s vehicle at the International Airport in Baghdad on Friday morning. The attack killed several people, including Solaimani. According to the Pentagon, General Soleimani was killed for failing to plan a future Iranian attack. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif described the killings as “deadly dangerous” and “foolish”.

US citizens ordered to leave Iraq:

Meanwhile, the US State Department has urged US citizens in Iraq to leave Iraq on an urgent basis after the assassination of Solaimani. This information was confirmed by a US media CBS News report. The foreign ministry said in a statement: “US citizens are being asked to leave Iraq by air as soon as possible.” If it is not possible by the way, you will have to leave Iraq anyway. All the activities of the embassy will be stopped until further notice due to the attack in front of the US embassy in Iraq. That’s why US citizens are being asked not to contact the embassy. “

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