Sortium Blockchain Studio Creates Living NFTs

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Creatures are generated by means of Wavefunction collapse algorithms seeded with their DNA

Sortium Blockchain Studio (“Sortium”), the pioneering Web3 technology provider, introduces the world’s first 3D living NFTs with on-chain DNA through proprietary creature design that utilizes real-world genetic CRISPR DNA algorithms to enable emergent traits for 3D creatures called ‘Kymera’.

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Powered by a Sortium-built decentralized exchange engine, each Kymera NFT will provide the user with peer to peer based social engagement opportunities inside of an extended reality 3D game space. At the core of the Kymera creation simulator are the NFT-encoded genotypes and phenotypes, with on-chain genetic algorithms and DNA evolution. Each Kymera is represented with unique dedicated data across both chains to form a representation for digital life that collectors can interact with, care for, grow, splice, and eventually battle for a one-of-a-kind experience that evolves far beyond any application of blockchain or NFTs seen today.

All Kymera knowledge and DNA roll up into two Mind & Body blockchains called “Double Helix”. Over generations of Kymera, Double Helix will seed new Kymera with “Instinct” which will provide generationally shared experiences and emergent traits. Double Helix will be responsible for providing a global evolution network that automates the advancement and improvement of Kymera’s DNA and Artificial Intelligence algorithms as more are created.

“We know that we are at the beginning of what is going to be a colossal wave of mainstream interest in the gamification of NFTs,” said Sortium CEO, Marc Seal. “Sortium’s living NFTs will take the industry to the next evolutionary step by bringing Deep Learning AI and real-world genetic algorithms to the market for a new class of collectors.”

Sortium’s first-class team has a track record of success creating unrivaled customized Web3 platforms that extend accessibility and create new avenues for community, entertainment, and wealth setting the foundation for others to build the future. As the building blocks for the world’s next best ideas, they are outpacing anything else on the market by helping creators harness the power of Web3.


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