Suu Kyi is risking the remaining image

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Aung San Suu Kyi strongly condemns Myanmar’s army in favor of the Rohingya massacre of three Republican and Democrat party members in the US Senate on the Rohingya massacre. The US senator thinks Suu Kyi is risking whatever image he has of the international community, defending the army accused of widespread atrocities against Rohingya and other minorities. In this situation, US Senate members have urged Myanmar State Counselor Su Chi to fully support the ICJ.

Washington, according to diplomatic sources, has written to the US Senate on May 6 this month. Myanmar’s trial on the Rohingya genocide began on December 6 in the International Criminal Court. The plaintiff of the case, Gambia, spoke in court that day. Myanmar spoke on the following day.

The letter was signed by Republican Party member Marsha Blackburn, Todd Young, Democrat party member Chris Van Halen, Richard Durbin, Brian Schwartz, Tammy Baldwin, Jeffrey Markle, Robert Casey, Benjamin Cardin, and Ron Wyden.

The letter mentioned the release of Suu Kyi from the interior at the beginning of the letter, the country’s 27th election to the north in the path of full democracy and the United States’ desire for a democratic, participatory and prosperous Myanmar.

US senators write, “We understand that there is very little evidence that such a passage has been easy when there are major challenges from the military.” However, complexity cannot be an excuse. The way you have endured a brutal and so-called ‘purification campaign’ of 27 is not acceptable at all. Thousands of Rohingya have lost their lives in this campaign and 4 lakh 4,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee to Bangladesh. We are even more disappointed to hear that you are leading the Gambia lawsuit in the International Criminal Court (ICJ), according to the Genocide Charter. We are concerned about your position in the military when the UN Investigation Mission accuses Myanmar’s troops of engaging in ‘genocidal activity’.

US Senators say we urge you to fully support the ICJ. This cooperation includes interim action or any discussion on the ICJ. Your government must give the UN an independent investigative mission the opportunity to visit my entire Myanmar completely and unintentionally. So that members of the mission can investigate any crime and allegations of human rights and torture under international law.

The Democrats and Republican members of the US Senate feel that, at this crucial moment, if you decide to protect the human rights of Rohingya and other minorities in Myanmar in the international arena, we are ready to support you. But if it fails to do so, we will use the US diplomatic force to bring the Myanmar army under responsibility for wrongdoing. Democracy, respect for human rights and participation of all is the only way forward for Myanmar.

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