The dead rise to 563, the coronary infection in the body of a day baby there

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He is only thirty hours old. Born just a day ago. But this time the body of the monster has also struck the Novel Coronavirus. Hiccup has just begun with the one-day-old baby born in China’s most affected city. Doctors say the child is now the youngest with the symptoms of the deadly virus.

It is not known whether the newborn boy or girl. However, Chinese media reported that the baby had the virus in his body. Infection has also spread to the baby’s body. The mother and baby are undergoing isolation. However, it is not known how they are.

China’s state-run news agency reported Monday, however, that another woman suffering from coronavirus last week also gave birth to a baby. However, the virus was not found in the child’s body.

According to official statistics, till now, the death toll in coronavirus infections in China’s mainland is 563. The number of victims has already exceeded 28,000. Most of the dead are residents of Hubei province. In Hong Kong, outside the mainland, a person died yesterday. The first person to die outside China was reported after the Philippines.

The Hong Kong administration said today that it was decided to send them to Quarantine for two weeks if anyone came from the mainland of China. Administrative Chief Carrie Lam said the system would be launched from Saturday.

President Shi Chinfing has opened his mouth today to deal with the virus. He said China now stands at a very important stage of disease control. In this situation, he requested the local administration to immediately arrange for isolation if news of the virus was infected.

She has also emphasized today that the rumors about the disease have been stopped. Malaysia police have arrested a female journalist for posting the news about the virus on Facebook. It’s not clear exactly what he posted. However, he could be jailed for up to two years if convicted.

The outbreak has been reported in 26 more countries outside China’s mainland. Britain has said that the last group of its citizens will be airlifted from there later this week. Last Friday, 83 were returned from China to Britain.

They have been isolated in northwest England. In Britain, the virus has been infected in two bodies so far. Yesterday, the US administration also airlifted 300 more US citizens from China. US President Donald Trump says they are fighting shoulder to shoulder with China to deal with the virus.

Beijing is furious, though, about the way the Trump administration is pushing tourists from China to enter the United States. Trump, however, said, “Protecting the people of our country is our first goal now. We are taking every precaution to protect citizens from this deadly virus. “

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