The decision to impeach may be a thorn in the way of Democrats

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US President Donald Trump has been demanding accusation against opposition lawmakers since breaking power, accusing him of breaking the law. As the days have gone by, this demand has intensified. Only one has stopped this initiative. He is the leader of the Democrats in Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His argument was that if there was not enough evidence, Trump would be handed over his re-election weapon if he went ahead with the accusation.

In a brief statement on Tuesday, Pelosi said he had violated the oath he had taken to protect the government, national security, and the electoral system. In this case, Trump has no choice but to abdicate.”That’s why I’m announcing that the House of Representatives is going to take formal action to curb it,” Pelosi said.

The reason for Pelosi’s decision – a telephone conversation with Ukraine’s newly elected President Zalensky last July 25. During the talk, Trump pressured Jalensky to launch an investigation against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. And Trump himself acknowledged that.

Hunter Biden was once a member of the board of directors of a gas company in Ukraine. The allegations of irregularities against the company arose during the Obama administration. There have been allegations that if the investigation does not begin, the military aid for Ukraine will be suspended for $ 250 million, Trump has threatened.

Joe Biden is Trump’s main Democratic contender in the 2009 election.

Trump has acknowledged that he has called off military aid. But the reason for this is the pressure on European countries to give Ukraine more support. Trump said he also spoke of Joe Biden, but because he didn’t want to stop any corruption.

Trump has given different interpretations of his conversations with Zelensky over the past four days. None of that has seemed true to the Democrats. Their claim is that Trump pressured them to dig up damaging information against Joe Biden. They demanded the full details of his talks with Zelensky. An anonymous whistleblower, known as the telephone correspondent, was brought to the notice of the Inspector General of the intelligence office. Democrats have also demanded the release of the whistleblower charge sheet.

Although initially denied, under pressure, Trump now says he will hand over the details of the telephone conversation to Congress. He also agreed to hand over the whistleblower complaint to Congress conditionally. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership think that any attempt by Trump to assimilate foreign information against his political opponent by Trump will be easily caught by the illegitimate, ordinary US people.

Earlier, the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s intervention proved to disrupt the judicial process, but it did not affect the minds of ordinary citizens. But Trump’s admission of abusing his government power to influence the next election would not be acceptable to anyone other than a staunch Trumpist.

Political commentators, however, cautioned that the decision to impeach could be a thorn in the way for Democrats. The full details of Trump-Zelensky’s talks will be published within the next two days. If it does not contain any harmful information, it can make the Democrats laugh in reverse. At least Trump and the Republican leadership are hoping so.

Soon after Pelosi’s announcement, the Republican Campaign Committee used the word to raise funds.

It is unclear at this time what the outcome of Pelosi’s decision will be, says a Democratic election expert. But there is no doubt that, as the result stands, its response will affect the 2020 elections. There is no doubt about that.

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