The most powerful passport is Japan

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Opens the most doors in the world? Answer – Japan’s passport. Japan’s passport is the world’s most powerful passport in the recently released Henley Passport Index.

The first index of the new decade was released last week by the Henley Passport Index. Japan occupies the top spot in the index, visa-free and visa-on-arrival. Passport holders do not have to get a visa in advance to travel to 5 countries around the world.

US media reported on CNN that the new index has done well in Japan as well as in other Asian countries. Singapore ranks second in the index. Passport holders of the country can travel to 5 countries of the world without having a visa in advance. Third place in Germany and South Korea. A score of both countries. Considering the power of the passport, the list of the top ten, followed by Europe’s victories. Finland and Spain are fourth on the list. The next location is jointly in Luxembourg and Denmark. Sweden and France are in the sixth position.

Both the UK and the US have dropped on the list. Although the two countries jointly top in the top 20, it is coming down gradually. This year, the two countries jointly ranked eighth on the list. Norway, Greece, and Belgium are also in the same position. The score is 5 in all five countries. CNN reports that the UK’s passport depreciation will not stop soon due to various uncertainties, including Brexit.

New Zealand, Malta, the Czech Republic, Canada, and Australia are ninth in the index. Slovakia, Lithuania, and Hungary are in the tenth position. Their score is 5.

The biggest surprise on the list, however, is the United Arab Emirates. In the last decade, the country’s position has risen six steps. The country is in the 5th position with 5 points in the latest index. Afghanistan is at the bottom of the list. This time, the index is at the bottom of the index with a score of 25.

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