The peace agreement in Qatar is the US-Taliban, India is present

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America signs historic agreement with Taliban The decision is that the Taliban will have nothing to do with militant organizations like Al Qaeda. On the other hand, the US will withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan within 14 months. If all goes well, then the Taliban will start talking to the Afghan government. Indian Ambassador to Qatar P Kumaran was present at the signing ceremony of the day.

This is the first Indian delegation to officially attend an international conference in the presence of the Taliban. The Qatar government invited India to attend, according to a ministry source.

Experts describe the deal as the first step to ending a 18-year conflict. The agreement was signed today by Washington’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalme Khalilzad, former Taliban commander and later negotiator Mollah Bardar. Indian Foreign Ministry welcomed the statement with immediate effect.

Spokeswoman Ravish Kumar said, “We have noticed that the entire political camp, society and the democratic system in Afghanistan, including the government, welcomed the possibility of return to peace and stability through this agreement.” India will provide all kinds of assistance to build a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future in Kabul. ” Sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as Indian territory (which shares its borders with Afghanistan) border with Afghanistan, according to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Sources say diplomatic tactics have been adopted on the first day of the US-Taliban peace deal on Pakistan. Shortly afterwards, the Foreign Ministry echoed the old stance on war-torn Afghanistan, stating that “dismantling links to international terrorism, co-operation with violence-free Afghanistan falls within India’s consistent policy. The long-term political solution in that country should be led by Afghanistan and under the control of Afghanistan – this is our position. ” In that case, the Indian project and building in Afghanistan could also be attacked, officials of the Narendra Modi government said.

However, the presence of the Indian ambassador on this day is a result of a change in Delhi’s policy. Because, before this, no Indian representative had appeared on the international stage with the Taliban. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was present in Doha on behalf of Pakistan. “Pakistan has done its duty in trying to restore peace in Afghanistan,” he said. There are still many Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The world should be zealous in creating a conducive environment for them to return to Afghanistan. “

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Taliban, “Keep your promise to break the ties with al-Qaeda.” . ”

  • Finally in Doha
  • Under Taliban conditions, US and NATO allies will remove all troops from Afghanistan within 14 months.
  • In 335 days, 8.600 troops will be removed
  • In exchange for prisoners.
  • Kabul will release 5,000 Taliban militants by March 10 Taliban will leave 1,000 Afghan troops
  • 18 years later, this time the Taliban militants will sit at a table with the Afghan administration.

This evening, Foreign Secretary Harshavardhan Shringla concluded a two-day visit to Kabul. He met other leaders besides President Ashraf Ghani. It’s done

Strengthening the political, economic relations and development projects of the two countries.

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