The pencils were held in New York at the ‘Victory Pencils’ initiative

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A literary-cultural organization organized by the New York branch of the pencil titled ‘Vijay pencil’. On December 5, New York’s friends from the Facebook-based organization united at the event in New York, Pennsylvania.

On September 24, ‘Pencil’ traveled with the aim of expanding the field of art literature, creating a universal platform for literary artists, artists, and musicians of all disciplines. Facebook-based groups have joined thousands of cultural activists from all over the world. The New York pencils began with pure literature and pure love. But not only literature but music, dance, painting, recitation, photography, instrumental music have connected all fields. Over time, the members of this organization are no longer embedded in the virtual world. For the past four years, Pencil has been organizing events in New York City’s national festivals in New York City.

Lutfunnahar Lata and Shirin Bakul, two popular Bangladeshi dramatists, attended the event on December 5 at the initiative of the New York branch of Pencil. On the occasion, Nilima Ibrahim recited Lutfunnahar’s Lata from the book ‘I am saying’ Biragana Bolo ‘. When he was reading in extraordinary utterance, the whole hall was in silent silence. He took them all, Meherjan, Rina, Shefa – one to Birrangana. In the war of liberation in the war of those who were subjected to brutal atrocities, he read the words in a weeping voice. The audience also cried.

Shirin Bakul, another playwright, played a part in the drama of the War of Liberation. Basunia Sumon was with him. Their performance took the viewer to the audience, on that fateful day of the 5th. Shirin Bakul wept after the performance.

The commemoration of the liberation war of the guerrilla freedom fighter Subrata Biswas was touching. He recounted how Razakar’s father had handed over his wife and daughter to Pakistani troops at that time. In this narration, everyone, including the narrator, gets emotional.

Pencil New York Speaks for Smriti Bhadra He highlighted the travel time of the pencil. Penciller Maniza Rahman, Rokeya Deepa, Shelly Zaman Khan, Farida Yasmin, Khadija Parvin, Saheeda Akhter, Arifuzzaman Shaheen greeted the guests.

New York prominent personalities Subrata Biswas, Kiran Haider, Minhaj Ahmed, Mishuk Selim, Mosharraf Hossain, Abu Said Ratan, Shams Al Momin, Ahmad Mazhar, Manzoor Kader, Masum Ahmed, and Latfu addressed the pencils. After the ceremony, actresses Lutfunnahar Lata and Shirin Bakul were honored with a pencil. The program was presented by Mridul Ahmed.

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