The plane was not hit by missiles: Iran

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Ukraine’s plane crashed in Iran’s missile strike, commenting on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rejection by Iranian Air Chief Ali Abedzadeh. He said the plane was not hit by a missile strike.

Ali Abedzadeh made the claim at a news conference in Tehran, the capital of Tehran after reports from Canada and the UK raised his finger. “One thing is certain, the missile was not hit,” he said.

Abedzadeh also said that no one should comment on this matter without the expert, “No information will be accepted as expert opinion before getting accurate information from the aircraft’s BlackBox.” Iran has also said it will not return the Blackbox Boeing authorities or the United States to the destroyed aircraft.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky has spoken a lot after Trudeau and Boris Johnson. Al-Jazeera’s report says he did not directly blame Iran but indicated that the missile strike could have happened. Zelinsky wrote on Facebook, “The missile strike is not going to blow it away.” However, it is not yet certain. I will talk to Mike Pompeo about the investigation. He also urged the United States, the UK and Canada to disclose if any intelligence was available about the entire incident.

Ukraine International Airlines’ Boeing-7 aircraft crashed shortly after flying from Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday morning. The plane killed all 5 crew members. This is the deadliest airstrike in the skies since Iran. Seventy-two passengers were killed when the US military accidentally shot down an Iranian aircraft.

After the incident, Justin Trudeau claimed that the plane was destroyed by a small Iranian missile. He also claimed that he had sufficient intelligence. According to a video released by the US media in the New York Times, one of the fastest things exploded shortly after being thrown into the sky.

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