The plane was set on fire before the accident, claims Iran’s investigating agency

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Ukraine’s passenger plane dropped like a fireball from the sky. On Wednesday morning, seven people died on the plane. Shortly after he was killed, the Iranian investigating agency said Thursday that the plane caught fire before it collapsed on the ground.

A preliminary investigation by the Iranian civilian airline pointed to the aircraft’s ‘mechanical defect’. According to the agency, as a witness, the people around the airport and the passengers of another high-flying aircraft were picked up, saying that shortly after the flight, the plane caught fire and crashed to the ground.

The Boeing jet from Kyiv, Ukraine, is three years old from Imam Khamenei Airport in Tehran. The jet was also scheduled to be repaired on January 5. It is not clear, however, whether it was made in the end. The Iranian investigating agency has not yet been able to pinpoint exactly what type of noise the aircraft had.

However, shortly after the accident, the Ukrainian embassy in Tehran said it had “mechanical malfunction” on the aircraft’s engine. Shortly afterward, however, that comment was removed from Kyiv. Ukraine Prime Minister Oleksi Hancruch did not rule out the possibility of destruction in a plane crash yesterday.

However, five security agencies have shed new light on this day. Referring to three US, one European and one Canadian security company unwilling to be named, the news agency Reuters reported that the initial estimate was not a missile attack, but a mechanical error that caused the plane to crash.

However, Ukraine is now investigating all the causes behind the accident. At the same time, Kyiv is careful to comment. Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelinsky said that. He appeared in a TV message to keep ordinary people away from the theory of conspiracy and conspiracy theories about air crashes. On this day, national mourning has been declared in Ukraine. Most of the passengers on the plane were from Iran and Canada.

Tehran and Washington have been pursuing diplomacy since the death of Iranian Army General Kasem Suleimani in the US attack. Iran also launched a missile strike targeting US bases in Iraq on Wednesday morning. The plane crashed shortly after flying from Imam Khamenei Airport in Tehran. As a result, there was speculation that there was destruction behind the accident.

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