The tree is the chair

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Gavin and Alice Munro couple live in the Midlands area of ​​England. They have created a fancy farm on two acres of land. Instead of making furniture on their farm, instead of making furniture, they are trained to raise the tree in the form of chairs or other furniture.

The couple owns a furniture farm in Derbyshire, the news agency reported. There, they grow trees in front of 20 chairs, 3 lamps, and 3 tables. They have figured out this method as an alternative to increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by cutting trees to make furniture.

Gavin said: ‘Waiting for 5 years will make a tree bigger. Then the tree needs to be cut down and cut into pieces. Instead, grow a tree in the shape you want it to be. It can be called a kind of 3D printing. ‘As a child, Gavin stuck his eyes to a bonsai tree that looked like a chair. It was then that such an initiative came to his mind.

By birth, Gavin’s spine was curved. He had to wear a metal frame for several years to straighten his back. He said, “The medical personnel was very talented. The nurses, the doctors and the skills of the doctors really impressed me. I wanted to make one of the caring and competent. That’s what we’re doing here. ‘

4-year-old Gavin started experimenting for 25 years. He tried to grow a tree in the middle of the Peak District in central England on two smaller lands. However, in 2002, a year after the wedding, Gavin and Alice founded the company “Full Grown.” From then on they came forward with this idea.

They had to cross many lanes on the way. The tree has ended in grabbing rabbits and the foot of the cow. The couple has to discover the most effective way to shape their desired shape without stressing the growth of the tree. They have learned how to direct the plants to grow in the right direction, not to force them against the wishes of the trees.

There is no reason to think that these furnishings are inexpensive because of the biological process. The cost of the extra labor and time falls a little higher. Here, each chair is sold for £ 4,000, lamps from £ 3 to £ 2, and the tables are sold for £ 2,000 to £ 3,500.

It takes an average of six to nine years for a chair to grow. Then it takes another year to dry. The company has achieved the largest project so far, targeting 20 years. They are building a chair for a retired customer.

The fires in the Amazon and the Congo basin have recently sparked a worldwide outcry over the plight of tropical forests. Gavin said: ‘We all know how much we are wasting our forest resources. We are just beginning to understand. So we use ancient techniques to follow the Stone Age. ‘ The inhabitants of ancient Rome, China, and Japan discovered the method of growing trees in the desired shape.

Gavin and Alice expect to be able to produce trees in accordance with furniture every year since 2022. They want to buy a farm for use as a research center. I want to spread this knowledge with the advice of others. This is their long-term plan. For now, Alice wants a new dining set. It will also take at least 3 years.

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