The Trump-Biden War with Ukraine

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Engaged in a war with Ukraine, US President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden in the next presidential election. The war with Trump over phone calls with Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zalesky.

Trump claims that Biden applied pressure to stop an investigation by a government company about a gas company in Ukraine while he was vice president. Trump pulls out the topic in a phone call. Biden reacted angrily to the incident, saying that Trump had previously abused his power. But this time he has violated the limits.

Nothing has been known publicly about Trump-Vladimir’s phone call. The coordinator of the intelligence department also refused to comment on the White House’s direction. However, the news has become clear as the news is leaked a little every day. It is reported that during a telephone conversation with Ukraine’s newly elected President Zalensky on July 27, President Trump pressured him to investigate the possible corruption of former Vice President Biden and his son.

It is alleged that Trump raised the issue of Biden eight times in the same conversation. The US had earlier announced $ 20 million in military aid to Ukraine. But it was postponed because of Trump’s objections. It is suspected that during this telephone conversation, Trump spoke of his willingness to send the announced aid. But in return, Biden and his son stressed the matter.

Trump himself admitted that he had spoken to the President of Ukraine. However, he did not disclose exactly what he said. His words, ‘Whatever I say, I did not say anything inconsistent. There is no question of saying so. ‘Instead of bashing Trump over telephone conversations, he advised journalists to investigate Biden and his son’s corruption.

Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Juliani, have long been claiming that Biden applied pressure to stop the government’s investigation into a Ukrainian gas company while he was vice president. Hunter Biden, son of Biden, was a member of the company’s executive board.

Biden and his son both angrily denied Trump and Juliani’s accusations. Their commentary, there has been no corruption, so far no evidence has been found. Nevertheless, Trump has repeatedly spoken about the issue.

Trump supporters claim that Trump has the full right to talk to foreign leaders about anything. Opponents of Trump, on the other hand, say that if Trump is using American financial aid as a ploy to gain his political advantage, it is not only immoral but illegal. Biden himself raised the allegation in the loudest voice. Speaking to reporters in Iowa yesterday, he angrily complained that Trump had abused his power earlier. But this time he has violated the limits.

In a written statement from Biden’s campaign, the journalists were advised that at the beginning of any discussion in this regard, it should be said that there was no evidence of any allegations raised against Biden and his son. Many of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates have called for full details of Trump’s conversations with Zelensky.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has said without restraint that if the allegations raised are true, then Trump will certainly have to make a prosecution motion. Failure to do so will make Congress itself a criminal. Warren said Trump has taken over, that he is above all laws. He has repeatedly violated the law. He has no point in this.

Another president, Julian Castro, made the same claim. There is no reason to think that Trump is very concerned about the Trump Democrats on the Ukraine question, but he is very concerned about it. He has been criticized many times before. But nothing could control him.

William Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, commented that clear from Trump’s use, he thought of himself above all attacks. He is saying, ‘If you can, stop me.’ The husband of Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior adviser, George Conway, a staunch critic of Trump, wrote in the subcontinent in the Washington Post, that Trump has done much to be damned. However, they were printed with Jalensky’s deal with Biden. This president is cancer for America. There is no option but to remove him.

Undoubtedly, talking to the president of Ukraine has left Trump in vain. But the point is no less uncomfortable for Biden. Whether he wants it or not, Hunter Biden and his own role have come to the forefront of the discussion. If this discussion continues and any facts of Trump’s accusations are true, it will be detrimental to Biden.

Other Democratic presidential candidates have been with Biden so far. But if they notice a weakness, they will jump on Biden, no doubt.

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