The United States against the Turkish invasion of Syria

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that the United States did not give Turkey a ‘green signal’ to attack northern Syria. Unrest in the region has begun, with US President Donald Trump announcing the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. Pompeo also supported Trump’s decision. News BBC Online.

As soon as Trump heard the announcement, Turkey began preparing to send troops to the area. In this case, Trump threatened to cripple Turkey financially. Turkey has launched an operation in the Kurdish-led military-led region since Wednesday.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a tweet that the Turkish Armed Forces and the Syrian National Army have launched an operation east of the Euphrates River as part of Operation Peace Spring. Erdo ।an said the attack was aimed at stopping terrorists’ shelters at the border.

Turkish forces plan to clear Kurdish militias and create a ‘safe zone’. Syrian refugees will also be given a place here. Kurdish-led forces have vowed to prevent the attack. In the meantime, they have clashed with Turkish troops.

According to a letter from the UN Security Council sent to Turkey, it says the ongoing military operation will be ‘consistent, modest and responsible’. The five-member body will meet on Thursday at the request of five European members Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Poland.

The Kurds helped defeat the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. They were the main ally of the United States in that war. Thousands of IS fighters and their relatives are spending days in prisons and camps in Kurdish-controlled areas. It is still unclear whether the Kurds will be able to protect them when the fighting begins.

The US military says they have taken custody of the notorious British prisoner. They were involved in the torture and murder of about 3 Western hostages in an IS cell.

In an interview with US TV channel PBS, Mike Pompeo also endorsed Trump’s decision to back the US military. He said Turkey had legitimate security concerns and threatened terrorist attacks in the south. He said the allegations raised that the United States had allowed Turkey to attack was “absolutely false.” He said the United States did not give Turkey a green signal.

In an earlier statement, Trump described the attack as ‘bad intelligence’ and said the United States would not support the attack. At a press conference later, Trump said the Turks and Kurds have been fighting with each other for ages. “The Kurdish fighters did not help us in World War II,” he said. We still love the Kurds after so many words. “

Both Republicans and Democrats have condemned the decision to withdraw the US military in the same tone. Senator Lindsay Graham, a close ally of Trump, also said the United States had “shamefully” abandoned his ally. Democratic senators Chris van Hollen and Graham have issued a bill banning Turkey, saying, “Although the administration refuses to work against Turkey, I expect strong bilateral support.”

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