The US suspends new tariffs on China

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After two days of talks in Washington, the United States has suspended the new tariff on Chinese goods imports. President Donald Trump has said negotiators have been able to reach the first-degree agreement. These include promising to increase the purchase of agricultural products and to take action on the issue of financial services and technology theft. China’s top Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hei expressed satisfaction over the progress.

The United States recently imposed sanctions on 20 Chinese people and institutions, raising concerns over human rights in the Sino-US trade war. Representatives of the two countries began Thursday’s two-day talks in the wake of renewed tensions between the two countries. Earlier this week, the United States announced a 5 percent tax on some Chinese products. Washington announced the suspension of taxes after Friday’s talks.

After the talks, US President Donald Trump said, “We have come to a close on the deal, leaving only the text.” Trump also hoped the agreement could be signed with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the UN conference in Chile in December. He said the next step to finalize the deal would begin soon.

British media have said the BBC has demanded similar progress in the past, but there has been no long-standing dispute.

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