The White House announces war against Trump’s impeachment investigation

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US President Donald Trump declares war against impeachment investigation White House President’s Office The White House, calling it a one-sided, illegal and unconstitutional, has said that neither the president nor his administration will assist in the investigation. The White House said in a letter sent to Democrats last Tuesday.

Three key committees of the lower house of representatives of the opposition Democrat-controlled Parliament Congress have called for documents to the White House as part of a campaign investigation against Trump over allegations of abuse of power. The White House responded to the call. The eight-page letter was sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the chairman of three committees of the council.

An investigation into Trump’s impeachment began on July 23, with Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky. Trump pressured Jalensky to investigate the past business corruption of former vice-president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, their potential rivals in the 2014 presidential election.

In exchange, he promised to approve the allocation aid fund for Ukraine. An unidentified official at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) leaked the details of the conversation. The House of Representatives has launched an investigation into allegations that President Trump has broken his oath.

Pat Cipollone said, “There is no valid constitutional basis for your investigation. There is no guarantee of a proper investigation. Under these circumstances, President Trump cannot allow his administration to participate in this one-sided investigation. “

The White House’s main opposition to the investigation was that no formal voting was held in the House of Representatives before the investigation began. But Democrats say they don’t need to. Because this is the very beginning of the campaign.

Like the stage of collecting data to make a complaint. The voting will be conducted after the investigation is completed. If the majority of the members of the House of Representatives vote in favor of the indictment, that order will be sent to the Republican Senate by Trump’s party.

Speaker Pelosi said Tuesday that President Trump would be held accountable after the White House refused to provide any assistance to the investigation.

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