There is no coronary disease in Bangladesh now: IEDCR

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There are no coronavirus patients in Bangladesh now. All three who were infected with coronavirus are now free of coronary disease. Director of the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), Mirzadi Sabrina, said this.

Sabrina informed the journalists about the latest situation of coronavirus at a regular news briefing on Saturday at Mohakhali Health Department in the capital.

Sebrina said that a total of three coronavirus victims were identified in Bangladesh. Two of them have already recovered. One of them has already returned home. Another was healthy but did not leave the hospital. The other, that is, the last person who was suffering from coronas, came out negative in his first blood test. He will now be tested for the second time in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol. He will be declared tax-free when it comes to the negative.

The IEDCR says nine people have been kept in isolation at various hospitals so far.

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