Today England will give the best!

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India vs England match probably in the World Cup round-robin league’s biggest match Host England are fighting for their survival in the World Cup. On the other hand, India is playing extraordinary cricket. Australia, like the unbeaten champions in the 2007 World Cup, would like to follow that path. India won the perfect victory without having scored a lot against the former champions West Indies, other teams wondered where the team’s weaknesses are. There is no doubt that bowling is the main force of India, who can bring out the small scores match.

It is a matter of concern for India that batting looks weak in their position of 4 and 5. Vijay Shankar failed to make use of the opportunity in two consecutive matches. The opponent was not very terrible twice. The same thing is also true of Kedar Yadav. The only thing that will go for Yadav, is that he has several hundred in ODIs and he has done fairly well in the last ODI series in India before the World Cup.

Whether it would like to break India winning combinations before such an important match, it would be a matter of sight. But they should also keep in mind that due to the injury of Dhawan, Rahul has to open. That means, if the first three batsmen get out quickly they can be in danger. When both of the three were out for a win against Afghanistan, captain Kohli kept the innings. For this reason, the match could be the last chance for Sankar and Yadav to be played against England, because India’s next two matches are comparatively easy and known opponents against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A win will not win against England Because England’s batting depth is much more. For this reason, India’s first three batsmen have to bat at least 40 overs for a good score.

England will give their best in today’s match. Firstly, by batting with aggressive batting, their success has been largely successful. India’s team management must keep in mind that England’s three races are going to chase the run.

Prior to the start of the tournament, Faber’s England has survived with the help of oxygen. Will they lose their masks, or will they sleep in absolute peace soon, we can see it soon.


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