Top 10 Ganja Gifts This Kushmas

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It’s the foremost, stoniest time….of the year! Yes, folks, it’s Kushmas and this year we’re getting to make our shopping lists to ascertain what you’ll want to place into your stocking. Obviously, this list is very personalized and bias towards what I feel is cool, on the other hand again…I also think that the majority of other stoners would absolutely love having their hands on the subsequent items.

1. pe or Bong:
You can never fail with a pipe or a bong. this is often probably one among the core gifts that has always put smiles on the faces of stoners since the dawn of your time. A Pipe are some things personal, it’s something that stoners tend to “love” over time. an equivalent goes for bongs. There are bongs which will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, however, a decent, good hitting glass piece will always be well-received.

2. Some Edibles:
If you don’t have enough money to spend on a pipe or a bong, maybe you’ll bake some edibles. an honest solid and heavy-dosed brownie are some things that any stoner would like to receive. In these cases, you’re not buying an item, but providing an experience. Edibles are an honest thanks to gifting your stoner friends an honest time, while not breaking your bank.

I would highly recommend making Ganjarbreadmen (of which I’ll provide a recipe next week). you’ll make a batch then gift one to every of your stoner friends. It’s like getting two birds stoned at once…or something like that.

3. Vaporizer:
In the same vein like the bongs or pipes, a vaporizer may be a gift that keeps on giving. These can set you back anywhere between $100-$300 per device, but they’re amazing. I personally LOVE the Pax, however, there are other sorts of devices out there.

The major advantage of consuming cannabis with a vaporizer is that it stretches your weed significantly. In fact, in some personal testing, we found that vaporizers can provide a yield of 5x per bowl. this suggests you’ll get 5 times the quantity of weed per bowl, to not mention the AVB which may be wont to infuse butter or milk.

4. Grinder:
If you don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money, you’ll always dish out on an honest grinder. I’m not talking about those piece-of-shit grinders that get clogged up after two uses. I’m talking about spending roughly $50 USD on a top-notch grinder which will continuously provide clean grinds time and time again. A grinder is some things that will stick with a consumer for years. I even have had some grinders stick with me for on the brink of a decade (of which I lost once I moved – I used to be so pissed!).

Nonetheless, an honest grinder will always put a smile on the face of somebody you care about (and who happens to smoke weed also).

5. Dab Rig:
You’re brooding about giving your BBF something really cool? Spending on an electronic dab rig is perhaps one among the simplest buys you’ll make. An E-Rig is supposed for consuming concentrates and is really not that expensive. you’ll get some e-rigs for under $100, however, I’d spend a minimum of $150. Pulsar features a few options, however, there are numerous other options out there that finding the proper model is going to be easier than you think that.

6.Thai Stick:
Do you want to actually make your friend love you even more? Give them a Thai Stick this Kushmas and not only will they adore you…you’ll get stoned with them. For those that don’t know what a Thai Stick is…it’s essentially a weed-leaf-pre-rolled-cigar that’s been covered with concentrates.

It’s sort of a blunt and a moonrock rolled into one. It’s marvelous…it will cost you a minimum of $100 but it’ll last weeks. It’s truly a gorgeous gift.

7. A Ball of Hash:
Who doesn’t love hash? most of the people don’t smoke hash on the regular which makes hash an excellent gift. It’s got an honest taste, it’s a mellow high and highly portable. Just believe it, if someone gifts you a ball of hash…you feel quite awesome about it don’t you? That’s the effect you’ll inspire into others if you are doing an equivalent.

8. Rosin Press:
If you’ve got some money to spend and need to urge your stoner friend probably one among the simplest gifts in his/her life….then get a Rosin. These devices can cost as little as $500 and the maximum amount as a couple of thousand dollars. The lower end deals are typically destined for home production and with this, gift…you’ll always have wax forever!

Hell, if there’s one person you ought to buy this for…it’s you!

9. Grow Tent:
Another very awesome gift, which isn’t too expensive…is a grow tent. Giving someone the power to grow weed is perhaps one among the simplest gifts you’ll ever give anyone. There are guerilla grow tents for under $100 and a few of them come equipped with lights, nutrients then forth.

10. A Back o Weed:
Finally, an honest old’ bag o’ weed will always do the trick. If you merely don’t have any idea about what to shop for your stoner-friend, then just buy them a bag of some primo sticky. this is often the one thing that a stoner can never get angry about…even if you purchase shitty weed….free weed always does the trick.

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