Trump calls for snakes or crocodiles to stop migrants

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President Donald Trump became so intolerant of illegal immigrants entering the United States through the Mexico border that he wanted to build electrified walls along the Mexico-US border. Not only that, but he also talked about building a snake or crocodile Chewbacca to secure the border. Trump also said he was shot in the leg when he saw an intruder at the border.

According to a US media report in the New York Times, Trump said this during a meeting with the country’s top policymakers at the Oval House of the President last March. Trump was so desperate to stop the immigrants that he ordered the US border with Mexico to be closed by the afternoon of the meeting. But other leaders in the meeting did not support Trump’s proposal. They feared that Trump’s decision could adversely affect the economy of the two countries.

The New York Times prepared the report based on interviews with at least 12 policymakers who attended the meeting. The policymakers said the half-hour meeting to calm Trump took two hours to finish.

The New York Times reported that Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo was present at the Oval House meeting, with then-Secretary of the Interior Secretary Kirsten Nielsen, then chief of the Border Security Force Kevin McAleenan and Trump’s involvement in formulating Trump’s immigration policies. Trump was especially angry at Nielsen and Pompeo for showing a “passive attitude” on immigration issues. Trump said the only solution was to close the border to prevent intruders. Nielsen tried to convince Trump that even building walls would not solve the problem completely. But Trump was stubborn in his position. Even Trump’s son-in-law, Jard Kushner, supported Nielsen’s statement.

At the meeting, Trump did not agree to the proposal to close the border, saying, “You’re only thinking of your Mexican friends. I’ve endured a lot. Tomorrow afternoon I want a border wall. ‘ Even Trump shouted to the policymakers present at the meeting, “You are fooling me.”

The next time Trump himself admitted in an interview, he really thought about building a border wall. But the implementation of that thinking could have shaped the situation. Trump said, “The problem is that even if a million troops are standing on the border under our existing laws, they have no choice but to do so.”

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